Will You Help Me Network for Tigger?: Thursday Purrsday

That little Fuzz Face… breaks my heart! He needs to find a home that is his forever. I am sharing his story with the hope that someBODY will give him a home that is his forever, where he is loved and respected.

Savannah's Paw Tracks


I am back again talking about my pal Tigger.

Will I like my next place? Will I like my next place?

Tigger’s question in the caption on the above photo says it all for him…

Since being owner surrendered to the county kill shelter on June 29th…as of this week, August 13…Tigger is in his SIXTH foster situation…through NO FAULT of his own.

What? I have to go away again? What? I have to go away again?

His situation is getting more and more frustrating for him and I am worried that he can easily fall into depression. What a guy Tigger is.  Just read the description Mom L wrote to help Contra Costa Humane Society learn more about him:

Tigger has never met a human lap he did not like. He is outgoing, greets strangers with aplomb and grace. He is a great feline host and makes sure he plays with anyone who will give him some time. Even at…

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Pet Remembrance Day 2014

I am joining Isobel at IsobelandCat’s Blog today for the fouth time in remembering all of the pets that made our lives so much richer with their presence. Not just our pets but all the pets that have passed on. This photo gallery does not include all of the pets CH and I have loved but they are the ones that I could find and scan the old pictures. The Z Cat, also known as Country Cat was with us from May 2001-January 2009. CH and I so enjoyed going through old pictures yesterday afternoon. So many happy memories. All our loved pets tucked tightly in our hearts.

All these furry and feathery pets made my heart happy and made my life brighter. They made me laugh and made me cry. They taught me about living in the moment and living every moment with happiness. All my pets taught me about kindness.

Tonight CH and I will light candles and put them in the window and we will raise a glass of Missouri wine in the happy remembrance of all the pets that found their way into hearts all over the world and made us better people and taught us about love and respect and dignity till the end. And we will celebrate the pets that are living and filling hearts with their sweet companionship.

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