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Wordless Wednesday

DSC_1107_zpsb83edb7c photo DSC_1107_zpsb83edb7c-1_zpse656064a.jpg
Did someBODY think the half gallon of milk was going to do some magic by the light of the fridge and get its empty self full again?

And YES, it’s empty. Teeny bit of milk layin’ there in the bottom.

SomeBODY must of thought we would need a half a thimblefull.

*I know it’s not Wordless. I’ll work on that next Wednesday.
**My 100th post! Took two years!!

Wordless Wednesday Again!

I know she is just another picture of a little brown Fox Squirrel but she is special. This is Suzy. Suzy Q. And this is her second year with us and as I walk my heart healthy laps these Fall days it is clear to me that she is Old Man Squirrel’s little girl. She is just like him. She follows me on a short bit of my walk, makes sure I’m watching her and she waits patiently for the hickory nuts CH leaves under her tree. The Old Man Squirrel’s tree. She joins us at 4 Under the Oaks looking for acorns while we sit close to the chiminea to stay warm. She is such a nice gift this Fall. It took a bit for her to warm up to us but now we know Old Man Squirrel left us this gift.

Joining Linda at Wordless Wednesday Again.

And Linda I done you proud. I am totally NOT wordless but so wordy you may have to rename this Chatty Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday!



Rain fell ever so gently out of a rumbly sky on the Tiny Ten the whole dang night. It isn’t much, but we will take it.
Joining Linda at her Wordless Wednesday Blog.
I know, I know. I have a hard time being wordless.

*Shot these photos at 7am this morning and no it was not 80 degrees. The temp thingie had a meltdown this summer. Like me.