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Weekly Photo Challenge:Opportunity

hum 002 - Copy
This little jewel hit our four seasons room window and knocked his little feathery self senseless. We were glad for the “opportunity” to scoop him up and keep him warm. The temps were very cool. His right birdie foot is hanging on tight. He did manage to get his birdie wits about him and flew to a small branch above the hummer feeders. We hope he recovered and had the “opportunity” to make his migration.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Broken

We have had many a low country boils on this picnic table. But, it IS broken. And rotted out too. Country Husband says it is time to break it down and send it to the burn pile. I just can’t let him do it. It is a fixture in the yard, it is the charm of country life. The Old Man’s babies use it for gymnastics to tone up those squirrelly muscles. The birds get meal worms there. Mr. Tanager and Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird sit and wait to snatch a bug from the humid country air from the edge of the top. CH says we can get a new one, it will look nicer and be easier to sit on. New is overrated. New will have no country charm. I don’t know, as I look at it in this picture, it does look a bit sad. Maybe new would be a good thing 🙂 So much for country charm.

Weekly Photo Challenge:HOT!

Too HOT in HOT MissouREE for frog……

Too HOT in HOT MissouREE for a Kitty Not So Busy. Just airing it out!

The little tree frog showed up at our four season’s porch window on hot Sunday morning and I know, I just know his little frog eyes were checking out the inside of our cool porch and wishing his little hot self could have a little porch time. I was sitting in the chair feeling just a little guilty that I had that wonderful air conditioning. I really think that frog was wanting on the other side of that window.