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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Express Yourself

DSC_0881 - Copy (2)
Well there are no deep thoughts here for the Express Yourself Photo Challenge. Only the admission that I love shoes… that shoe love comes honest to me from my Mom. I have loved shoes since I was a teeny young thing and picked out my first pair of red Keds. People that have been following me for a bit know all about my love of shoes. Boots are my true love and yeah, come on… I know you peeps out there that get that boot obsession.

No doubt about it, I express myself with my choice of shoes. My only defense to that is I do express myself in other ways more important but I have chosen these too cute bunny slippers for this challenge. I went to Catholic grade school and high school in a navy blue skirt, white shirt, and navy blue blazer every ding dang day for 12 years. Navy blue knee socks and my shoes were my only personal expression of me… of Pix. The nuns would tell you I expressed myself quite well with a quirky and mischievous personality. My shoe love shows up on most of my avatars.

I zeroed in on these bunny slippers a couple of years ago and died and sighed. CH was with me and he just gave me the “one eyebrow raised I know you so well” look. And then surprisingly and happily they just showed up a few days later on my birthday. Lucky is what I was that birthday… CH knew all about my shoe lovin’ expressing myself me!

Express Yourself

Weekly Photo Challenge~Habit.

iphone 022 - Copy

My all “consuming” habit… Clicking the wonderfulness all around MissouREE and beyond and searching for the best CHEESEBURGER! This cheeseburger currently in the Top Ten. Marlene’s Bacon Cheeseburger-Marlene’s Restaurant Williamsburg, Missouri. It’s quite a drive for us to get to this cheeseburger, about an hour and it is worth every minute! Her cobbler is beyond words too. AND CH can pick up his Carhartt jeans right next door at Crane’s Store.

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Celebration

DSC_0298 - Copy

The glass is a tiny sweet celebration! The wine is sweet too and from one of Missouri’s fine wineries. The glass is old. Almost my age, six oh. There were eight of them and they were my Mom’s favorite glasses. They have rainbows dancing all around in the glass. They have been with CH and me since my Mom died. They have been moved more times than I can count. Two were broken here and there. I have searched and searched for more like them. My Mom loved Christmas, and while I have no trouble remembering her, it’s just special to hold these glasses at Christmas and know that she enjoyed a sweet sip out of them too. A sweet celebration for her. She is laughing right now, I know. And I can hear her voice….”Merry Christmas Sweets! Love ya!”

*Apologies to my friends who are reading this a second time….

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Waiting

There was some HUGE “waiting” going on at this feeder last winter when the snow had behaved badly and presented us with 19 inches of fluffy white flakes. The little Goldfinch screeching in with tail flaps down cracks me up with his birdie self. He is clueless to what awaits him……

DSC_0039 - Copy
Apparently “waiting” can cause some irritability in the feathery birdie world just as it does for us humans. I think overcrowding and “waiting” had put the two Purple Finch ladies on their last birdie brain nerve. And now clueless Goldie is coming in for a landing! Hey, cue a little Peace on Earth please!

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Breakfast

Fried Mush, baby!! CH is the mush maker and cooker. Mush recipe here. But “we” use white cornmeal with lots of salt and pepper and fry it in canola oil and like it sliced a teeny more than a quarter inch thin so it’s nice and crispy. All the better to hold the “buttah” and the Amish made sorghum molasses. And no, there is not one healthy thing about mush. It’s country gourmet!

Weekly Photo Challenge:Windows

country 015 - Copy
This is one of my first photos from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. 2006. It has always been a favorite of mine. Taken with a little Nikon CoolPix on a country ramble. CH told me this morning when I told him I was going to use it for the Windows Photo Challenge that he always thought it was a picture of a dark and dreary old house. Well! I was befuddled. I have always thought of this as a sad abandoned house that is now a happy little hay barn sitting in the middle of a beautiful field of Queen Anne’s Lace. And are you ready? He’s the optimist in this little family of two. I am the pessimist. It has windows so it works for me. Dark and dreary or happy little hay barn? What say you?

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