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I was nominated by Clowie to participate in the “Eight Photos of Happiness” blog tag… Thank you Clowie. You can click on the first photo or any photo to make the gallery photo bigger.. all the better to see my happiness! These photos are HAPPY for me. I could have done tons more photos of things and people that make me happy but I had to keep it to eight.

Here are the rules for the tag/challenge…
Thank the nominator and link back to them. Done.
Link to the creator, Ariel.
Post eight photos of happiness. The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy and a brief description why you selected it.
Spread the “happiness” by nominating up to 10 other bloggers. I am choosing to nominate any of my friends that would like to show their HAPPINESS!

*I took the day off from visiting blogs yesterday because CH and I had a busy day and today is busy too! I promise to get to your blogs later today…. Promise!


Suds Bunny Models My Scarf

DSC_2203 - Copy
Suds Bunny is on The Porch modeling the scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted for an auction that Mollie and Alfie organized to help Holly when her sweet Mabel crossed over the bridge suddenly from bloat. Very sad. Holly was beyond sad and grieving and then a dog that needed Holly’s love came into her life… Macy.

I wanted you to see the lovely scarf that Madi’s Mom crocheted. She sent it to me super duper quick after the auction ended but the peeps that know me know I have the PROcrastination issue in a big way and also get so befuddled about things that it takes me forever to get anything done when it comes to blogging and all other things in my life. Also I don’t blog when I get the sads. The scarf is so soft and the green in it matches my favorite Carhartt jacket. So, is it FALL yet????????????? Thank you Madi’s Mom!

Sunday Suds Return

Why yes. Stuffies enjoy Springtime too.

A bit of history on the Suds Bunny for people that didn’t read my old Blogger blog. Suds is a stuffie that was given to me by my Mom on Easter of 1987. It was her last Easter. She loved Easter, second only to Christmas. That stuffie was hugged and loved through some big grief and then Suds Bunny was stored in a large Tupperware container with a bunch of other stuffies and moved around in this container for several years. Then in January of 2009 Country Husband went to the basement and took the lid off the box of stuffies and brought the Suds Bun up to help fill the hole in my heart from the loss of our bestest kitty, Country Cat. Suds made a few appearances on the old Blogger blog and Sunday was his day. There have been a couple of requests that Suds show his fuzzy self. So as Easter nears I think Suds needs some blog time. And yes, I am a 60 year old woman with a stuffie I love. He sits on the porch and surveys the Tiny Ten and he gets a hug most every day. And no, I don’t want to grow up.

And while I am talking about stuffies and Easter here, I know my friends Christina and Bridget would want me to mention that as Easter is fast approaching if you are thinking of giving a bunny as a gift, make it a stuffed bunny or even better chocolate. Real bunnies need lots of time, love, care and attention. They are a commitment for the bunnie’s life.