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Questions, Questions. I Have Questions!

Rae from The Old Weather Vane was tagged for a post of “Questions and Answers” and I clicked on over there to read like I usually do whenever Rae has a new post. I already think Rae is a special lady and learning more about her was a treat. She writes some of the bestest most original unique posts. She has the most lovely sense of quirky humor and I am addicted to it. She didn’t tag anyone to play and I won’t be doing that either. So, everyBODY need not go running for the hills in fear of being tagged. If you would like to play, I would love to learn more about all of you that visit Under the Oaks. And you know I can’t do a post without a picture. I promise that pelican and his bottom heavy self has a place in this post! See last question. Snapped the Pelican on vacation in Florida last week.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
Mr. Strawmatt. My English Comp teacher in Junior College. Please don’t judge his teaching ability by my writing. He was patient, witty, bright, had a crew cut and I had a crush on him. He made each of us feel like we could write a novel. I wrote a short short story in his class about horses and riding in the good old summertime. No surprise there. I still have it. My old, so old, wiser self gets a good chuckle when I read it now.

What were your sports of choice when you were younger?
Riding horses, riding horses and riding horses. That’s a sport. Really, it is. I bounced a basketball a couple of seasons at school and did a great amount of swimming, which led to a great amount of whining and crying all summer due to swimmer’s ear.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I was a little tomboy and all I wanted to do was ride horses and I never gave what I wanted to be when I grew up a thought. As I got older I wanted to be an English teacher, Phys Ed teacher, a Clinical Psychologist and I wanted to ride at the Devon Horse Show on a 16+ hand high bay Hanoverian in Dressage. We can dream, right?

What profession did you ultimately end up in and why?
I worked retail. CH’s moving around in the military was a career killer back then because nobody wanted to hire a military wife and I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I enjoyed my retail jobs, I loved them. They enabled me to overcome my incredible shyness and low self esteem. I worked retail in small gift shops with Hallmark products until I quit work in 2001.

What is the single most important thing parents should teach their children?
I have never been a Mother. My answer would be “RESPECT”.

When you run, what is the one thing your mind turns to the most often?
This old country gal does not run. I am a walker and walk my heart healthy path around our “Tiny Ten” acres every day the weather behaves. When I am walking, I am living in the “now” hearing nature, seeing it and inhaling all the country fresh air I can squeeze into my lungs. And most times my mind gets all bossy and makes me think of horses and being at the Devon even if it is just to be a spectator because that is about all I could do there except maybe brush the dust off the toe of the rider’s boots.

What is your favorite book and how many times have you read it?
That Quail Robert~Margaret A. Stanger. Too many times to remember how many!

If you could pick only one movie for the rest of your life to watch what would it be?
Can’t do just one, have to do two! Under the Tuscan Sun and Corrina, Corrina.

Are you more comfortable in the city or the country?
COUNTRY! Think “Out in the Country”~Three Dog Night.

If you had the option of spending three months of the year in another place, where would it be?
The Gulf Shores of Venice, Florida. The plan is to make it our permanent home sooner rather than later. IF I can leave the Tiny Ten acres Under the Oaks.

The End. If you would like to do the Q and A please feel free. I would love to read them! Thank you Rae!

Yowza!! I Missed You All!

I no longer have my squinty faced sandy self planted on the beach in Venice, Florida but I am currently planted on the couch with my computer to say that we made our way home today and I have missed all of you! Two weeks gone for goodness sakes. But we had a very good time. I have missed reading blogs, commenting and just general blog blabbing. So I am going to attempt to catch up with blogs and get around and say “Hello”.

Can A Chipmunk Be Family?

I have a husband that looks much like a chipmunk storing food for the winter. Could his picture count as “Family” for the weekly challenge? No pictures. CH began his imitation of a chipmunk on Friday after complaining of a canker sore in his mouth Wednesday. Lots of pain and swelling and both of us wondering what the dang heck was going on. Our family Dr. not answering the phone and no one standing in, not even a recorded “Happy Thanksgiving we are out of the office” thank you so much. Off to Urgent Care Friday night where everyone was very kind because while CH did resemble a chipmunk(there was a little giggling by the staff, I may have smiled too)he was in a great deal of pain. I think I might have seen a tear or two roll down his cheek, and he is a brave strong guy. Turns out he has a raging bacterial infection, antibiotics were prescribed and picked up in the BIG CITY. He is feeling pretty rough so as per instructions from the Dr. at Urgent Care a visit to our regular Dr. is the order for today. I have been a little preoccupied with worrying about him and his care and feeding. He can only eat cold things. Pudding being his choice, chocolate preferably. So I have been stirring lots of chocolate pudding and generally hovering over him hoping that something will make him feel better. I will be back to regular programming here at the blog and visiting other blogs when CH is feeling better and doesn’t require as much care and feeding. And all kidding aside, I hope today he begins to feel better, his resemblance to a chipmunk is less and he doesn’t wind up at the hospital with an IV as the Urgent Care Dr. mentioned could be a possibility.

Thank You Dianna…..

Dianna from These Days of Mine awarded me the “One Lovely Blog Award” last week. Dianna’s blog is a very lovely blog with beautifully photographed sunsets and sunrises usually from their lovely home on the water. There is a kitty too! Sundae even fills in for Dianna now and then. There is something soft and comforting in Dianna’s writing voice that drew me to her blog. Well, and Sundae too! Dianna has a great sense of humor  🙂 Click over and pay her a visit! Congratulations to you too Dianna!!

Now for the 7 things about me. Hang on people I know we just did this! I am befuddled about finding something interesting about me.

  1. The TP rolls in our house are OVER. Under is just so completely WRONG. Only Basic Cottonelle will do. I even take it on vacation.
  2. I am a connoisseur of cheeseburgers. The thin lacey ones on the griddle, fat juicey ones and all kinds in-between. Just ask me where to find a great burger in MissouREE! If you know where there is a fantastical cheeseburger, don’t be shy, let me know.
  3. A sense of humor is a big priority for me in a friend. I have to have funny people in my life.
  4. I have a cowgirl boot fetish. Truthfully, a fetish about all horse kind of footwear.
  5. I could spend the rest of my life without a TV and not squeak out one tear.
  6. Nothing better than the velvety soft nuzzle of a horse muzzle on my face.
  7. “Our Song” when CH and I were dating and still is-“The Right Thing To Do” by Carly Simon.

I can’t pick or limit myself to 15 blogs so I am flying in the face of the rules again and following Cheryl’s idea at The Farmer’s Daughter who is not all awkward about these things as I am and suggesting that my blogging friends take this award. Please someone do that very thing so I can read your 7 favorite things about you that I don’t know!!

An Award

I have been nominated and awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination comes from Isobel at Isobel and Cat’s Blog. I want to thank her so much for thinking of me and my blog. I would like to think that Not Cat was good with this too 🙂 Isobel has a wonderful blog. I love to read her words and see what Not Cat is up to each day. She posts some sweet, funny, great pictures too. If you are a kitty lover or just love to read beautiful words that flow into sentences that make delightful blog posts please click over to Isobel and Cat’s Blog. She and Not Cat even boat. A boating kitty! And a congratulations to Isobel too!

I am also suppose to tell the person that nominated me 7 things about  myself.

  1. I am shy.
  2. I have turned procrastinating into a fine art.
  3. I have a blankie. A stuffie too. For comfort and security.
  4. I eat the cold leftover homemade noodles from Thanksgiving straight out of the leftover container in the refrigerator with a fork while I lean against the open refrigerator door. Any pasta or noodle will also do.
  5. I was very mischievous in highschool and the nuns were worn out after four years of my mischievous self and glad to see me graduate.
  6. In 1976 I crashed my Suzuki into the concrete wall of our carport as a result of gawking at two construction workers across the street. Yes, I used to ride a motorcycle. I sold it and bought a horse.
  7. My big girl panties are what my girlfriend from kindeegarten calls spanky pants. I am not about fancy.

Here is where I am suppose to nominate 15 blogs/bloggers thereby passing on this award. AnyBODY who knows me or has been following me at my previous blog knows I can’t choose 15 or pick just 15. So, ignoring all those eye rolls out there and flying in the face of the rules I am saying congratulations to all those people out there that take the time and effort to blog and allow me to see a slice of their lives!

Computer Went To The BIG CITY

I am without my laptop. Bah. It went to the BIG CITY for a clean up and makeover Wednesday. Thankfully, it is in very good hands. All the blogs I visit to say “Hello” that are on my favorites list and my pictures tagged along with the computer so I can’t casually flit around and comment. Please excuse. Hopefully the computer will be home soon. Until then I am on CH’s computer and there are none of my favorites on HIS computer so I will make do with browsing where I can and limited commenting. Bah, again. I think this is the first or second post I have ever done without a picture. That’s just so wrong. A post without a picture. I must have a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. –Attributed to several writers I discovered as I googled this wise wonderful adage.

Have a very nice July 4th Holiday everyone!

Yes, everyBODY! Yep, all you lucky peoples out there with their computers! I guess I will have to make do with wine time Under the Oaks in the afternoons with CH, ALL FOODS popular on the 4th of July holiday and reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog for my book club.

Hmm. I just might have a post with pictures! We celebrated The Mama’s (CH’s Mom) 82nd Birthday yesterday and I clicked a few pictures  🙂

I Am Posting Once A Week in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.


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