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Wordless Wednes…… Them Boots.

DSC_1130 - Copy You may, I say MAY have heard me mention I bought some boots… Shhh.

DSC_1162 - Copy I feel like Bigfoot Sasquatch walkin’ around in them. Especially around the house. Them boots feel so good on my feets I don’t want to take them off.

I think I need some more… 😀 Shhhhhhhhhhh. It’s Wordless Wednesday.

Pictures by CH. That oh so attractive white sewer looking pipe is not a sewer pipe. It is a very fancy attractive protect the birdbath heater cord from the squirrels pipe.

It Is A Hallelujah Friday!

My wonderful husband, that would be CH and that would be the same CH and husband that leaves the milk jug in the fridge with a half a thimbleful of milk in it, well he has done a most wonderful thing. I have loved Mr. Smokey Robinson’s music all my life. He performed with Daryl Hall, yes of Hall and Oats in a relaxed kind of jam session at Daryl’s house and I have that saved to my computer(and iPhone and iPad)but CH has been recording all of the episodes of Live From Daryl’s House to catch the repeat without me knowing. It recorded last night and I went jumping up and down happy cause now I can see Mr. Smokey Robinson with Daryl and Tom “T-Bone” Wolk(T-Bone sadly died in 2010)on the big screen with the speakers thumpin’ some Smokey old time tunes! The entire episode is on You Tube but it takes about an hour to watch. If you like Smokey and Daryl Hall and have some extra time it is worth the watch.

It is pure magic!
Live From Daryl’s House~Smokey Robinson

And we have tickets to see Smokey live!!!

*You Tube came after me and told me I couldn’t have Smokey and Daryl’s video here so I thought I better respect their request. They put a big old red X here and removed it. Sorry. The link still takes you to the wonderful Smokey episode.

Everything is Gonna Be Alright…..

DSC_2219-Copy_zps4e16da50 photo DSC_2219-Copy_zps4e16da50-1_zps23b4de50.jpg
Well well. That is how I am feeling today. Everything is gonna be alright after a few months of feeling like this battered old back of a pickup. Sad. Sad. Sad. I didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t post to the blog cause I felt like I had lost my funny. There were no words. I have been getting lots of inspiration and smiles from old blogs and new blogs and slowly I just felt like well ok everything is gonna be alright. I am just going to let my heart take me where it wants to go when it comes to posting to Under the Oaks and try to get my blogging self inspired. Doesn’t have to always be funny because I don’t always feel funny. Now and then I feel sad and bad. Befuddled too. Angry sneaks in there but you probably won’t be finding my angry self here. Can only imagine how you will be thanking me for that.. 🙂

For this moment, everything is gonna be alright. Yes. Yes it is.

Sunday Stills~Faces

This little brown bear with toothpaste on his face and foot will be 61 years old soon. He was given to me by my godparents when I was born. He has been moved more times than I can count and has spent lots of time in the teddy bear Tupperware storage box. But he has been out and enjoying the country life now for about 7 years. I don’t think I have to tell you who climbed out of their crib, grabbed the toothpaste tube and squirted toothpaste all over his face and brown fuzzy body. Poor old bear. My Mom told me the story all too frequently. Teddy’s face has seen a lot of love from way back when I was little and I think his face suffered from the scrubbing he got to get the toothpaste off. His face and that red ribbon crack me up. I am sure that is not the original red ribbon. I am also sure my Mom lovingly tied many a new red ribbon for him. I think his right black button eye might have lovingly been reattached too. His face however is the original. Except for you know that toothpaste that just didn’t quite all come off.

Other bears and their fuzzy faces that reside here at the Tiny Ten.
Joining the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge.

Also please check out Laurel’s Teddy at her blog Rockin’ the Purple. Her old Teddy is a super sweet bear and has amazingly wonderful character. And Laurel’s blog is an excellent read. Comments can get downright rowdy and crack up funny. There is a very serious important thing going on at Rockin’ the Purple too. Laurel is recovering from not one but two serious life threatening diseases that we should all educate ourselves about. She handles it with a wonderful sense of funny and honesty.


Mr. Tanager under his Oak

AnyBODY out there like to share their views about Tweeting. Not bird speak kind of tweeting but peep tweets. Twitter! I am flirting with opening a Twitter account because I have not spent enough time on the computer every ding dang day…!!! I don’t think I even understand twittering or tweeting but I am all curious because I see blogs I read that “tweet” and I think I might be missing something and I don’t want that to happen… 😀 Or has Tweeting twittered out? I am so up on all the social stuff on the computer that it has taken me 4011 years to think about peeping, twittering or tweeting. Any tweets of wisdom?