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Hello! I am going to take a bit of a blog break. We are going to have a busy end of February and a busy March and April. We are going to be as busy as that bee up there chasing Pooh! I am going to miss Fill-ins and Sparks and all the good people that take the time to read my blog and leave such good and kind comments. I will be reading when I can and sneak in a comment here and there. See you when the busy settles down! Wishing you all a great Spring… you know it is on the way!

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Hey I Got New Boots Today!

Thank you Margie! You are so sweet, so funny, so thoughtful, and so dang talented! Love ya!

If you love these BOOTS painted by Margie please visit Artfully Ours where she is joined by her dear friend Gail on their artistic adventure and as Margie says, “artsy fartsy inspiration is guaranteed”. You can request Margie and Gail to paint what floats your boat, tickles your fancy, or makes you dance happy! I of course picked BOOTS! Margie also has her own blog that I have been following for years… Latebloomerbuds. I head there every dang day a notice of new post pops into my inbox!

Rubbish Tuesday #16

DSC_2423 - CopyI didn’t have to go too far for today’s Rubbish Tuesday. I walked a few steps to… wait for it, if you haven’t already guessed… I walked out to CH’s workshop. I’m thinking this is at least in some sort of order, which I am sure CH would tell you. He likes it out here. It’s the only place I don’t tell him to pick up, straighten up, throw that junk away. It is his junk, all his. I don’t tell him what to do with it and I don’t go in there unless I need to drive one of our vehicles or grab one of the cutesie yard ornament things.. which it looks like the little yard things never made it out of the workshop this summer. I think we have been too busy with day trips.

DSC_2421 - CopySo Roan I might be wrong but I think this kind of qualifies as interesting junk. I find it interesting. Some stuff… I am totally clueless as to what it is.. what it’s for..  BUT this “rubbish” is CH’s treasure. It’s his rubbish and that kind of makes it our rubbish by marriage and I do find some of it interesting and I must say I have enjoyed scouting out some of the “stuff” in the pictures. I love the little turtle on the second shelf… he seems a bit overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that surrounds him. Maybe I should grab his little turtle self and give him a happy place in one of the flowers beds. It’s pretty dusty in there and it cracks me up that CH took the time to clean those farm boots up… they actually shine. Guess he wanted “them boots” to be all clean for the next trip down to clean up all the growth around the lagoon!

Joining Roan for Rubbish Tuesday!


007 - CopyI was feeling a bit befuddle-muddled and melancholy this morning and an email notification showed up that Terri from Coloring Outside the Lines blog had posted so I clicked right over. Do click over and visit her. She has a vibrant Bluebird snap, she talks of Spring, and she has a tune that will make you want to dance. Her post will make you smile this morning! So ready for this view from my dining room window!

Good Morning!

Random Five Friday

DSC_1917 - Copy

How does 40 years go flying by so fast? I just know that I sure do like the guy that has spent those 40 years with me. Of course I love him too but sometimes for the long haul(romantic is what I am) “like” is more important.

Family. Where would we be without them?

I am such a ditz! When I can’t sleep and I browse blogs, if it’s 3:30 or 4am I won’t leave a comment because I am afraid of bothering who I am visiting.. 😯

Going to get myself back to doing embroidery thanks to Margie at Latebloomerbuds blog! Hugs and thanks Margie.. ♥

We went to the Lake of the Ozarks yesterday. It was home for us before we moved to The Tiny Ten. They now have my favorite FOOD store there that is a St. Louis, MO (our home home) tradition.. Dierbergs! I came home clutching a bag with a small container of their Red Skin Potato Salad. Red skin potato salad is right up there with homemade noodles and chicken for me… makes my taste buds want to shake it up baby, twist and shout! They also have self checkout. Self checkout in a FOOD store makes my self all giddy. But yesterday the Dierbergs lady kept taking everything out of my hand and running it over the scanner. I wanted to tell her to buzz off, MY self is perfectly capable of using the self checkout. Generally and predictably if I need a self checkout lady’s help she is as scarce as being considerate while talking on a cell phone. Oh and could be I will be having that red skin potato salad for breakfast this morning.

Well ok then! I am joining sweet Nancy with her delightful sense of funny at her blog A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday where you share FIVE random facts about your SELF, your day, your pets, your kids,  YOUR HUSBAND, whatever!

Close Your Eyes. Sleep….

For you iPhone and iPad users that have worry trying to boss you around at night….
BrainWave AlteredStates App!
Soothing Sounds.
Oh yeah.

*I am NOT hearing anything freaky or creepy on this app! And no nightmares either!!

I have also downloaded White Noise. Very nice. I prefer it over AlteredStates because it is much easier to use.

Spring Chicken

So I have a blog friend that is a hooker. A hooker of rugs of course. I have been following Kim at her blog Millie’s Mats for a long time. I won a giveaway on her blog a few years back, a lovely autumn leaf mat that sits on my coffee table year round. Recently she was hooking a chicken that began to take on a life of its own for me. Chicky Kim was calling her, giving her life don’t you know. I am doing a new room that is supposed to be my room for a little me time away from the TV and to just be. I decided I wanted Miss Chicky, who evolved into a pillow. I had ordered two chairs (had to be two chairs cause someBODY in the house was not to be denied) back in November which were finally delivered last week and I emailed Kim a shot of the chairs to see if Miss Chicky would do to roost in the new room. It was a go! And so I got mail.DSC_1358 - Copy

Miss Chicky came flat and I stuffed her and she came to roost in the new room which is still in transition. A sweet little blue dishcloth made by Kim was included cause she just does thoughtful nice things like that.
DSC_1365 - Copy

My Spring Chicken, Miss Chicky thanks to Kim!

She is just the cutest, Miss Chicky. Kim too! Visit Kim’s blog Millie’s Mats, she features Rug Hooking and Everyday Life. She has a link to her Etsy shop where she sells her lovely beautiful quality hooked rugs.

DSC_1368 - Copy
Room in the process of trying to find its personality, its individuality, its Pix-ness. I am planning on putting up some of my barn shots and little birds of all kinds will probably find their way to this room. The room does snoop out into the back woods and flowerbed that is full of birds and their feathery goings on. You might notice that Iris and Flo had to get all up in the redo. Those chairs keep changing colors, couldn’t be the picture taker. The chairs are true to color in the middle shot. More red but kinda leaning towards cranberry.. 🙂

Good thing I didn’t title this Wordless Wednesday!