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Random 5 Friday

DSC_2616 - CopyWe have a new visitor to The Tiny Ten! He has been here about two weeks. I have not been able to get a decent picture of him… this is as good as I could do. He is camera shy. He has the sweetest little bird speak, I love hearing him talk, talk, talk in the morning… drink-your-tea! He is right outside our family room window in the bush which he has claimed as his own. He has a tiny fierce and protects his rights to that bush.

I am totally amazed by a modification to my clothing choice in my life. I have fallen out of love with jeans… people who know me know I love my jeans. My new fascination with comfortable clothing that makes me HAPPY is clothing from ATHLETA. I can’t stay away from their online site. It is the long and capri bottoms, the Asana tees, and the hoodies that make me excited about getting dressed in the morning again and has me doing my heart healthy walks around The Tiny Ten.

I can’t get anything done because I am watching Shelly’s Tinykittens. Her new fosters are The Sesame Street Kittens and she has a Livestream 24/7 cam. Five little kittens thrown in a trash can. Found by Handyman Joel when he heard little mews. My anger can’t be contained. Now they have a bright and happy future ahead of them with the promise of homes where they will be loved and respected. As I get ready to hit publish the kittens have taken down the cam! Have to wait till Shelly wakes up and gets cam back in position. These kittens are little scamps and love taking down the camera.


DSC_2571 - CopyI might be missing Florida.

I haven’t had wine for over a week. Wine Time today on The Porch… four ohhhh clock! I think bruschetta will be making an appearance. Hot diggity!

I am joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday. Welcome back Nancy and thank you for R5F!

Random Five Friday

DSC_0245 - Copy

Can’t help but wonder how this little guy is doing. CH found him toodling along on his own March of 2012. Kept an eye on him and it became clear he was too little to be out of the nest and no adult squirrel was around to take care of him. As it started to get dark there were too many dangers for a little squirrel. I am hoping little Squee is thriving out in his own bit of country with a little girl squirrel and a family.

My Nook died. Not really, but that is the excuse I am making for the Kindle Paperwhite making its way toward me. I am excited. Amazon has such a better selection of books to choose from than Barnes and Noble. AND I have Sharechair blog to help me get the most out of my Kindle.. 🙂

CH is in Florida with The Mama. The house is too quiet. I love my alone time but I might, I say might have overrated its importance. A little goes a long way. But the house is clean.. 😀 That might be overrated too. And I miss his cooking!

The Kinda Big City of Jefferson City has come up in the world and they now have a Chick-fil-A. Another reason to be all giddy but it seems I am not the only one that is giddy over chicken because there are more peeps than I ever thought possible thinking they want some Chick-fil-A too and they are in my way to getting an 8-count box of chicken nuggets. I’m not sure but it may be that I eat the chicken nuggets just so I can dip them in the Honey Mustard sauce.

I find it totally baffling when people pull out in front of me and creep along when there is not one single car behind me for miles. Couldn’t they have waited to take their mile of deserted road? This last random fact a result of frustration over trying to get an 8-count of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Hmm, I may have to settle for a… CHEESEBURGER! That would be just awful.. 😀

Joining Nancy from a Rural Journal once again for her Random Five Friday!

Random Five Friday… The Nisu? Nisua? Edition

DSC_1972 - CopyLast week Big Brown(UPS)came bumping and roaring down the road to our house. This loaf of bread is what was delivered.
CH checked who it was from and walked in the house laughing and said, “you are never going to believe what this is”. I checked the return address and started laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

DSC_1980 - CopyThis is Finnish sweet bread. It is from a very dear friend CH and I have known since 1977 when we were assigned to Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas. She and I were horse riding buddies and developed a friendship I cherish. We had lost contact with her and a Christmas card arrived three years ago and we were back together again. And now Facebook keeps us connected. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have her back! I am so happy she is back in my life. And not just because of the bread.. 😀

Nisu goes by many names it seems. Nisua. Pulla. Coffee Bread. It is filled with Cardamom spice deliciousness! But what Kat would want me to let you know the most about this bread is that it is Finnish! I would want you to know that I was laughing so hard when I called her to thank her I could hardly talk and CH wasted no time getting several blobs of butter on a warmed up slice.

It never occurred to me that fresh Nisua could be delivered to my door by Big Brown. Hmm… just a hint could maybe get me another loaf.. 🙂 BUT this is an incredibly time consuming bread to make and Kat you know how much I appreciate it!

I think we might be making a trip to North Carolina to see Kat and and her Husband! And meet her kitties and her chickens. The eggs used in this bread were a gift from two of her much loved chickens!

Joining Nancy’s Random Five Friday at a Rural Journal. Nancy I maybe didn’t stay within your request for Random Facts… I promise to be better next week.

I have another post to share about a gift from a dear to me blogging friend that brought back some wonderful memories with one of her beautiful photos taken on the water.

Random Five Friday

photo (1) - Copy copyI like Wine Time at 4pm. I like Missouri Catawba in a Tervis Tumbler. With a couple of ice cubes. I asked my cardiologist as he was exiting my room at the hospital 9 years ago if I could still drink wine and he said, “sure, just not a tumbler full”… 🙄 I am allowed 5 ounces.

I labeled the picture in this post “Wine Time in a Tervis Tumbler” on Instagram and had a fun exchange with a blogging friend. Thank you friend! I like Instagram because you laugh lots there.

Wine Time on The Porch is always in the company of Kermie the Frog.

Finally found the perfect comfy pair of levi jeans after years of looking. They remind me of the boys levis I wore in high school. Except now they have a bit of stretch to allow for tummy expansion.

Another winter storm with ice and snow is bearing down on us. I have had it. I know compared to many of you we have had it easy and we need the moisture because of drought conditions but Winter needs to pack its bags and go. Freezing rain gives me a cranky and scares the heck out of me. It may be us that packs and goes.

Joining Nancy for Random Five Friday!

Random Five Friday

Venice 09 002 - Copy My heart feels happiness and peace like no other time when I stand on this beach.

The older I get, the flatter my butt gets.

Hummus scooped up with a Ruffles potato chip is gourmet.
Avocado slices on whole wheat bread with salt, pepper and olive oil-ditto.

I love Poohism quotes. This is one of my favorites and is on the fridge~
“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
‘Pooh!’ he whispered.
‘Yes, Piglet?’
‘Nothing,’ said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.
‘I just wanted to be sure of you.'” ~ Winnie the Pooh

It really IS the little things. While we were on vacation I had to do a load of laundry and the hotel gives you little single load Ultra Tide Original powder boxes. I went out and bought myself some powder Ultra Tide. The scent of fresh laundered towels can make my day.

Joining Nancy at A Rural Journal and thanking her so much for Random Five Friday where we share five facts about our life, our thoughts, whatever!

*Photo credit-Country Husband of course!

Random Five Friday

DSC_1917 - Copy

How does 40 years go flying by so fast? I just know that I sure do like the guy that has spent those 40 years with me. Of course I love him too but sometimes for the long haul(romantic is what I am) “like” is more important.

Family. Where would we be without them?

I am such a ditz! When I can’t sleep and I browse blogs, if it’s 3:30 or 4am I won’t leave a comment because I am afraid of bothering who I am visiting.. 😯

Going to get myself back to doing embroidery thanks to Margie at Latebloomerbuds blog! Hugs and thanks Margie.. ♥

We went to the Lake of the Ozarks yesterday. It was home for us before we moved to The Tiny Ten. They now have my favorite FOOD store there that is a St. Louis, MO (our home home) tradition.. Dierbergs! I came home clutching a bag with a small container of their Red Skin Potato Salad. Red skin potato salad is right up there with homemade noodles and chicken for me… makes my taste buds want to shake it up baby, twist and shout! They also have self checkout. Self checkout in a FOOD store makes my self all giddy. But yesterday the Dierbergs lady kept taking everything out of my hand and running it over the scanner. I wanted to tell her to buzz off, MY self is perfectly capable of using the self checkout. Generally and predictably if I need a self checkout lady’s help she is as scarce as being considerate while talking on a cell phone. Oh and could be I will be having that red skin potato salad for breakfast this morning.

Well ok then! I am joining sweet Nancy with her delightful sense of funny at her blog A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday where you share FIVE random facts about your SELF, your day, your pets, your kids,  YOUR HUSBAND, whatever!

Random Five Friday

1. I am not believing all the whining and crying over presents/packages that were not delivered on time by UPS. Oh the woe. Our UPS driver is a thoughtful good guy and CH’s cousin has been a UPS driver for years and I am sure that UPS did not conspire to intentionally “ruin” Christmas. I can’t believe this made the news, continues to be in the news daily and has bloomed into a giant kerfuffle. So some of the things that were ordered, probably late, didn’t show up. Life goes on. People have their families, hopefully their health. The “stuff” will show up eventually and a delayed Christmas will be had. It could be made fun! And to the people who are saying what about all the kids that were disappointed? Tough. It is a great life lesson. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. Get over it! Seriously that “stuff” is not what’s important. And if it is that important, something is really really wrong.

2. We had a lovely Christmas day. CH picked up The Mama, CH’s Mom and she brought her homemade popcorn balls! But best of all she brought her humorous happy self. We had chicken and homemade noodles, the classic green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and jellied cranberry sauce that plopped out shaped like the can. The jellied cranberry was served in one of my Mom’s festive red bowls that is probably 80 years old. We listened to Christmas music, laughed, got a little teary over people we were missing and ate too much for dinner. Then, wait for it… we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream that The Mama whipped up! She is the official cream whipper upper. We were missing CH’s two brothers and their wives and family but we will have our family Christmas the first weekend in January which will be our 40th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t spend our 40th any better way.

3. I am so thankful for the people I have met blogging. I have met some really wonderful people and my life would not be the same without them. Some of them have quit blogging and I haven’t heard from them and wonder how they are and hope that all is well with them. I hope that their 2014 is filled with health, happiness and peace.

4. Yes I managed to make my way to the fridge the morning after Christmas with fork in hand, grab the bowl of cold Christmas noodles, rip off the saran wrap while leaning against the fridge door to keep it open and consume a healthy amount of noodles for breakfast. I am a multitasker when it comes to food. CH couldn’t watch, the thought of eating cold noodles made his stomach urpy.

5. The day after Christmas can sometimes be better than Christmas.

I am joining Nancy at a Rural Journal for Random Five Friday. Welcome back Nancy and thanks for letting us share our Random Five thoughts!
* I know the picture is hard to see but I fell in love with this porch and decorations at The Westphalia Inn and then I played with it in Snapseed and just liked the effect… 🙂

Random Five Friday

DSC_1356 - Copy
We had our first afternoon out Under the Oaks yesterday afternoon listening to Mr. Smokey Robinson’s Time Flies and watching the Bluebirds fighting over a bluebird house. We have six bluebird houses but they all wanted the same one. It has been a long wait to get back out Under the Oaks. That is not my beer. I was drinking water. Seriously. I know! Hard to believe, huh? Which brings me to my Random Five this Friday.

  1. I drink lots of water. I drink between 8 and 10 20 FL OZ bottles of water every day.
  2. I was born without tonsils or wisdom teeth. Lucky me!
  3. Six months after my 16th birthday my Dad took me to get my driver’s license. When he parked the car he turned the front wheels into the curb. I did not take note of that maneuver. I jumped out and got behind the wheel, oh happy day! Officer Friendly, with his little brown clipboard ducked his flat top haircut head under the door frame and sat down.  I started the car and put it in drive and was met with some resistance. Officer Friendly said that I might want to give it a little more gas. I did. I ran over the curb and hit the parking meter. I didn’t get my driver’s license for another six months.  I actually am a very good driver. Ask my family.
  4. My first car was a turquoise VW Beetle with a stick. I have owned 5 Beetles but am now without a Beetle.
  5. I am not able to go a day without spooning out and eating a blob of Jiff Hazelnut and Chocolate spread followed by a glob of Jiff PB.

Joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday.