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Friday Fill-ins! Week 91

It’s Friendly Fill-in time hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen from 15andmeowing. Click the badge above to visit other Fill-in posts and to add your Fill-ins.

  1. Trust is essential but complicated.
  2. I would protest the lack of chocolate chip cookies at our house.
  3. I have loved horses since I was two when my Granddad set me on top of a swayback old gray mare.
  4. Right now, I am craving a Tim Tam.

And a BIG thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Fill-ins!

Friendly Fill-ins ~ Week #44

It is Friday Friendly Fill-in time… where did this week go? You can find the Fill-ins at McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing on Thursday. That gives you some time to think about your Fill-ins instead of doing them at the last minute like I am doing this morning… think storms and no internet yesterday. Just click on the badge above to take you to other blogs that have participated!

  1. I hope Gilmore Girls gets renewed for another season. Yep, I know Gilmore Girls is done and finished. But I just got hooked on this show. Where was I back in 2000 when this show started? Never heard of it until last month when I found it on TV in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep.
  2. My first crush was tall, dark, and handsome… almost 16 hands tall, dark bay, and went by the name of Sugarfoot. I was one of those lucky young horse loving girls that found a bow on the stall door and my first horse inside on Christmas morning!
  3. Chopping onions usually makes me cry. Unless I have my contacts on, and then it doesn’t affect me at all. Had this discussion last week. Having contacts on while chopping onions held back the tears for most people.
  4. If I were a super-hero, I would be a befuddled one. I can’t even begin to imagine myself as a super-hero. But I would love to have super-hero powers and see that all kitties were never intentionally hurt by humans. All kitties were safe and in homes where they were loved and respected until the very end… held until their last breath. This hope/wish is not limited to felines.


Good Fences!

DSC_0084 - Copy copy
This is a “Good Fence” in every sense of the word because this boy is a young stallion at Warm Springs Ranch near Boonville, Missouri. It is a breeding facility for the Budweiser Clydesdales. He had his attention directed to the “girls” that day and was calling to them! This pipe fencing is used all over the 300 plus acres and somebody must keep a brush and paint can in hand because the fencing is always pretty and white.

Joining Tex for Good Fences today.

Tuesday Time Warp Blog Hop!

I am participating in Mollie and Alfie’s and Easy’s Time Warp Blog Hop. The deal is to post a picture from way back of yourself or your pet or both and then a recent photo. Then link up over at Mollie and Alfie’s. So here we go! You can click on photo for a BIGGER picture… You know, so you can see those beautiful big brown eyes on that beautiful bay horse with the too big ears!

7-24-2008 4;05;57 PM - Copy32 years ago…Dang! I am not the one with the big ears!! She was the sweetest bestest horse.. sigh.

DSC_1454 - CopyDifferent kind of horsepower and I wish I still had all that hair up in the top photo!

See other Time Warp posts at Mollie and Alfie’s! Thank you’z Mollie and Alfie and Easy! This is a great idea!!!

Mondays Inspired. By Friends….

DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2 photo DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2-1_zpsfc0266a7.jpg

So I find myself inspired today by my blog friends. That is some most excellent inspiration I think we would all agree. Inspired by Dianna at These Days of Mine. Linda at The Road Awaits. Sam and Pam at One Spoiled Cat and Margie at Latebloomerbuds.

I LOVE Mondays. Sundays I love more. Sam(and Pam)inspired me to shout that out. I really love this Monday cause while I also love CH he is gone all day to the BIG CITY with The Mama and sometimes I need a day to myself to let my wild and crazy out to play. So, I am going to buy a pair of Sorel winter boots and thanks to Miss Linda of the Road Awaits I am going to buy a wireless remote for my camera! Dianna got that purchase rolling with her post today about traveling tripods and kissing Motor Man and then Linda added more incentive in Dianna’s comments with the wireless remote that her hubby purchased. Margie inspired the snap of the jetty in Venice, Florida.

CH when you get your wandering to St. Louis and eating good St. Louis food person home you can blame all these gal pals in the links for my happy Monday inspirations. Boots. There are no words to express my love of boots. Wireless remote. And dang a blog post before a month or two sauntered by in a PROcrastinating teasing kind of way. I did manage to pass on the inspiration of a couple of friends to add a horse to the Tiny Ten. Today’s 19 degree high and memories of breaking up iced water buckets and hauling fresh water with my nose hairs frozen together was an inspiration killer.

A Little College Barn Charm

This barn is one of two barns at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. I took this picture yesterday and I’m telling you it really was and is that green right now! I didn’t do any tweaking on these photos, they are straight out of camera except for the old Under the Oaks. I do have my picture control set on vivid but seriously it is GREEN here in Missouri! The Tiny Ten is green green green right now too and that is why I love Spring in Missouri.

Stephens College has an Equestrian program. They have beautiful barns and gorgeous indoor and outdoor arenas. Everything is neat as a pin! I love visiting there, especially in the Spring and Fall. The horses were feeling the cool air today and there was some full of their big old selves running and bucking. It was a lovely afternoon!

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