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Weekly Photo Challenge:Celebration

DSC_0298 - Copy

The glass is a tiny sweet celebration! The wine is sweet too and from one of Missouri’s fine wineries. The glass is old. Almost my age, six oh. There were eight of them and they were my Mom’s favorite glasses. They have rainbows dancing all around in the glass. They have been with CH and me since my Mom died. They have been moved more times than I can count. Two were broken here and there. I have searched and searched for more like them. My Mom loved Christmas, and while I have no trouble remembering her, it’s just special to hold these glasses at Christmas and know that she enjoyed a sweet sip out of them too. A sweet celebration for her. She is laughing right now, I know. And I can hear her voice….”Merry Christmas Sweets! Love ya!”

*Apologies to my friends who are reading this a second time….

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