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Friendly Fill-ins ~ Week 97

I am ready for the Fill-ins… I am! Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing host this fun Friday question and answer and I really enjoy it. If you would like to join in and/or read the other Fill-in posts just click on the badge above. So here I go… but not without a picture and it does relate to my answer to one of the questions!

This picture was clicked at the South Jetty in Venice, Florida… our home away from home. The South Jetty is not our home, but Venice… don’t want to get you all befuddled here. The jetty is one of my favorite spots to relax and enjoy the water, birds, watch the people that fish and people taking their boats out of the marina. And then… wait for it… they have the best hot dogs at South Jetty!

Okay, really… here I go!

  1. When I am nervous, I worry. When I worry I get more nervous. It is crazy making behavior and I am always working on trying to change which gives me something to do to forget about being nervous. Having a constructive task to break the cycle helps. So does being near water where there are birds, flowers, trees, and shells… and hot dogs. South Jetty!
  2. When I am angry, I usually shut down… or yell. I am angry about something traumatic that happened to our family last week but my being angry will not change a thing so I need to let it go.
  3. Today, I know for sure that life is short. Every moment of every day needs my total positive attention. I feel the need to tell the people in my life more than ever how important they are… tell them how much I love them. Thank them for being in my life and making my life so much better.
  4. For St. Patrick’s Day, I usually don’t do much if anything at all. We used to make a pot of kielbasa, potatoes, and cabbage but now St. Pat’s is just another day for us. I think the only holidays or special event days we celebrate are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last three or five years, I celebrate the tiny moments in life that make me happy, make me smile. It really is all about the little things. As I type this I think we will be celebrating St. Pat’s with new friends that we have met and you know there will be FOOD… maybe a Grouper sandwich and it will be at a restaurant on the water! Does it get much better than that? Friends, FOOD, water… and a view!

That is it for this Friday. I might, might work on keeping my Fill-ins shorter but it seems lately I have so much to say.

Thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Friday Fill-ins… always!

We Fought the Polar Vortex and the Polar Vortex Won.

DSC_0038 - Copy - Copy
Hello! Well the Polar Vortex beat us down and we had to leave the Tiny Ten. We headed to The Mama’s for three days. No internet there! We had a festive time though because her Christmas tree refuses to jump back in the storage box. That would be cause we still have not had our Family Christmas. The weather has misbehaved badly every flippin’ weekend we have tried to get together and “Make Merry”. We made Merry at The Mama’s for our short stay and had wine time and ate FOOD and let the Christmas tree be all happy with its lights all twinkly. So now after 10 inches of snow, minus 9, minus 11, 1 degree for a high on Monday, I’m saying ONE ding dang degree for the HIGH people!… So now it’s going to be 60 degrees on Sunday for our Family Christmas. We are all going to be there with our flip flops, shorts, and bottles of sunscreen! MissouREE and its crazy wacky weather!

So I will be back to visiting your blogs and getting caught up. I hope everyBODY else is coming out of the deep freeze and is doing just fine. See ya soon in comments!

*If you have a few extra minutes please visit Dianna’s blog, These Days of Mine and watch and listen to a video she has on her post “Do You Have Six Minutes?” .. you won’t be sorry, maybe a little teary but happy tears! A moving video!

Random Five Friday

1. I am not believing all the whining and crying over presents/packages that were not delivered on time by UPS. Oh the woe. Our UPS driver is a thoughtful good guy and CH’s cousin has been a UPS driver for years and I am sure that UPS did not conspire to intentionally “ruin” Christmas. I can’t believe this made the news, continues to be in the news daily and has bloomed into a giant kerfuffle. So some of the things that were ordered, probably late, didn’t show up. Life goes on. People have their families, hopefully their health. The “stuff” will show up eventually and a delayed Christmas will be had. It could be made fun! And to the people who are saying what about all the kids that were disappointed? Tough. It is a great life lesson. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. Get over it! Seriously that “stuff” is not what’s important. And if it is that important, something is really really wrong.

2. We had a lovely Christmas day. CH picked up The Mama, CH’s Mom and she brought her homemade popcorn balls! But best of all she brought her humorous happy self. We had chicken and homemade noodles, the classic green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and jellied cranberry sauce that plopped out shaped like the can. The jellied cranberry was served in one of my Mom’s festive red bowls that is probably 80 years old. We listened to Christmas music, laughed, got a little teary over people we were missing and ate too much for dinner. Then, wait for it… we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream that The Mama whipped up! She is the official cream whipper upper. We were missing CH’s two brothers and their wives and family but we will have our family Christmas the first weekend in January which will be our 40th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t spend our 40th any better way.

3. I am so thankful for the people I have met blogging. I have met some really wonderful people and my life would not be the same without them. Some of them have quit blogging and I haven’t heard from them and wonder how they are and hope that all is well with them. I hope that their 2014 is filled with health, happiness and peace.

4. Yes I managed to make my way to the fridge the morning after Christmas with fork in hand, grab the bowl of cold Christmas noodles, rip off the saran wrap while leaning against the fridge door to keep it open and consume a healthy amount of noodles for breakfast. I am a multitasker when it comes to food. CH couldn’t watch, the thought of eating cold noodles made his stomach urpy.

5. The day after Christmas can sometimes be better than Christmas.

I am joining Nancy at a Rural Journal for Random Five Friday. Welcome back Nancy and thanks for letting us share our Random Five thoughts!
* I know the picture is hard to see but I fell in love with this porch and decorations at The Westphalia Inn and then I played with it in Snapseed and just liked the effect… 🙂