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Good Fences #60

DSC_2093 - Copy
Joining Tex at Good Fences this Thursday. This is a horse barn near Columbia, Missouri. I have used this click previously for Barn Charm but from a different perspective without the gate. CH and I both love passing this barn on our way to Columbia. They have horses that look to be some type of gaited horse… Tennessee Walker or maybe Standardbred… both of which are very popular here. There are also several llamas that seem quite interested in the vehicles passing by on the highway. As you can see, the day I clicked this picture, llamas and horses were not cooperating.

I finally did it, Tex!

Good Fences #45

DSC_2503 - Copy
Love this small beach in Venice, Florida… a hidden gem. Private covered areas each with a picnic table and little deck and this boardwalk on a primitive stretch of beach leading out to the Gulf of Mexico. We just found this area after going to Venice since 1995. Such a nice surprise! I saw the boardwalk fence and immediately thought of you Tex and Good Fences! It is called Service Club Park but I call it an oasis. Lovely it was there. And quiet. We took Tavern Ham sandwiches, redskin potato salad, a bottle of Missouri sweet wine (shhh, quiet about the wine) and a slice of key lime pie and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. You didn’t think I was going to leave FOOD out of this post?

Joining Tex at Good Fences this Thursday!

Good Fences 22

DSC_2024 - Copy
This is a bit of a cheat for Good Fences. Don’t be squinting and hurting your eyes looking for the fence that SHOULD be partnered to the gate. You can just imagine the fence that was there maybe.. used to be a four-wire barbed-wire fence but CH took it down with all intentions to have new put up but “we” didn’t get that done. So I believe gates are okay on Good Fences and I couldn’t part with the gate so it is all alone out there as a yard ornament I suppose… sort of leaves me laughing just a bit when I see it. I love the Dogwood in this picture and I thought it would be good to get a picture of it on the blog because it looks like it might not be back next Spring. Since this picture was taken this Spring its leaves have browned and it is looking pretty sad.

So Tex this “fenceless” Good Fences post is a bit like my Wordless Wednesday posts where I couldn’t keep wordless to save my life. The bird bath fits right in with this post because there isn’t a bit of water in it I noticed. But there is a gate and “we” can all use our imaginations for the fence!

Hooking up with Tex for Good Fences!

Good Fences #20

DSC_2270 - Copy
I wanted a gate to lead out to our west field so I casually mentioned to CH that “we” need to build a little gate to lead our view out to the west field which is my second favorite place on our Tiny Ten acres. I told him it would showcase his prized “hibiscuits” too. One day I left to run some errands and I came back to the two panels almost finished. All “we” needed to do was sink it in the ground. I went in the house and probably played on the computer and before I knew it “we” had the gate all up! It was magic how it just appeared!

So “our” little gate that “we” built is making an appearance for Tex’s Good Fences this good Thursday!

Joining Good Fences!

Good Fences!

photo (3)
A lovely botanical garden is surrounded by this country wood fence that had been drenched with good rain early morning Sunday. This is just a tiny glimpse of the yard that CH’s brother and his wife make beautiful with a Spring and Summer riot of colorful happy faced flowers. I love to visit them.. well they ARE family but they have the same sense of funny we have and I feel peace there. Just like I am home. The Mama, CH’s Mom, was there too. Brother and Wife are new Grandparents to a sweet boy that is close to 15 months old and we all love him to bits. He and his parents were a big part of the conversation on Sunday… 😀 We missed them!

There was FOOD too.. and wine! CH’s Brother does BBQ that is gourmet and Sunday was pork steaks.. Oh MY! Pork steaks, baked potatoes, salad with Sis-in-law’s balsamic vinaigrette, and sweet corn with buttah. Oh, and CH’s coconut cream pie. My sis-in-law and I are so smart, we married men who can cook!

I am joining Tex for Good Fences today after a long blog break!

*Photo tweaked in Instagram

Good Fences… #7

Native Stone-88231

This fence was the first thing we would see as we entered the property of Native Stone Winery just outside Jefferson City, Missouri. Lots of great memories meeting family at Native Stone for birthday parties and other celebrations. Certainly miss it. Miss the wine too! How I love a windy country road. If it ends at a winery with family and friends gathered for an afternoon of laughter, well you can’t ask for much more than that!

Speaking of friends.. I am trying to get caught up on comments at your blogs. We have had a crazy three weeks. I am hoping for a peaceful summer with few issues and strange happenings. Although yesterday an unidentified critter decided that the cool earth under our front porch would make a lovely summer home. Hoping it isn’t a skunk, it would be our third one on The Tiny Ten. Gotta love living in the country.

Joining Tex for Good Fences this Thursday…

Good Fences… 4

DSC_1475 - Copy copyTrinklein Brothers Greenhouses

Have no idea why the happy flower faces are behind the fence. Perhaps they were concerned the petunias would escape… from the cold. And snow. We make several trips to Trinklein’s in the Spring. It is a fiesta of color and happy flowers. Trinklein’s is a Spring tradition and the trip always includes lunch out… HAPPY! It is a beautiful drive to get there and a thrill to bring home our flower faces that hopefully will be with us through summer and fall. Fingers always crossed that the deer and squirrels don’t love them as much as we do!

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*Kim Klassen’s Elevate texture used for this photo.