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A Kitty and a Bunny Come From Across the Pond!

DSC_1405 - Copy

A big huge thank you to Stella! This is our late great Z Cat that she cartooned on a mouse pad. She does it from her store on her blog Mollie and Alfie. I think it is so dang cute. We will be putting it on the wall or just setting it on the sun porch table! Stella you did great! A stand up happy tail, green eyes and her red brick nose!


And this little bunny timer was in the package! So cute!! Stella you are too funny.. 🙂 Thank you so much. We are getting a kick out of him. Hey, he needs a name!

Pet Remembrance Day

3-3-2009 2;25;38 PM - CopyOur Z Cat
May 2001~January 2009

I am taking this Sunday again this year to remember this kitty. Not that I don’t think of her every single day several times each day. She is so missed. Our Z Cat, Country Cat, Fuzz Face, Fuzz Butt, Z Catter. And she isn’t the only pet we think about on Pet Remembrance Day. There are more loved kitties, four dogs, horses, two feathery funny cockatiels, a Green Cheek Conure Bud Bird and a few hamsters. So many that made our hearts lighter and taught us lessons about how to love and how to live. To live in the moment and live every moment with happiness. All my pets taught me about kindness. Last year’s Pet Remembrance post was inspired by Isobel at IsobelandCat’s blog. She had recently lost her cat Freddie and I thought her idea of Pet Remembrance Day was the sweetest thing to remember all our pets. Because it isn’t just my pets and CH’s pets we will be thinking about today, but the pets all over the world that have made their human’s life richer, filled with laughter, tears and the pure happiness of companionship. Z Cat you are tucked tightly in a very special place in my heart. I know you are there. I feel and see you every day. You came at a special time in my life and saved me in so many ways. Thank you.

So tonight CH and I will light candles and put them in the window and we will raise a glass of Missouri wine in the happy remembrance of all the pets that found their way into hearts all over the world and made us better people and taught us about love and respect and dignity till the end. And we will celebrate the pets that are living and filling hearts with their sweet companionship.

Dianna and Beezy at These Days of Mine
Pam at One Spoiled Cat
Isobel’s Remembrance at IsobelandCat
Lorely at Writing From the Edge

Spring Chicken

So I have a blog friend that is a hooker. A hooker of rugs of course. I have been following Kim at her blog Millie’s Mats for a long time. I won a giveaway on her blog a few years back, a lovely autumn leaf mat that sits on my coffee table year round. Recently she was hooking a chicken that began to take on a life of its own for me. Chicky Kim was calling her, giving her life don’t you know. I am doing a new room that is supposed to be my room for a little me time away from the TV and to just be. I decided I wanted Miss Chicky, who evolved into a pillow. I had ordered two chairs (had to be two chairs cause someBODY in the house was not to be denied) back in November which were finally delivered last week and I emailed Kim a shot of the chairs to see if Miss Chicky would do to roost in the new room. It was a go! And so I got mail.DSC_1358 - Copy

Miss Chicky came flat and I stuffed her and she came to roost in the new room which is still in transition. A sweet little blue dishcloth made by Kim was included cause she just does thoughtful nice things like that.
DSC_1365 - Copy

My Spring Chicken, Miss Chicky thanks to Kim!

She is just the cutest, Miss Chicky. Kim too! Visit Kim’s blog Millie’s Mats, she features Rug Hooking and Everyday Life. She has a link to her Etsy shop where she sells her lovely beautiful quality hooked rugs.

DSC_1368 - Copy
Room in the process of trying to find its personality, its individuality, its Pix-ness. I am planning on putting up some of my barn shots and little birds of all kinds will probably find their way to this room. The room does snoop out into the back woods and flowerbed that is full of birds and their feathery goings on. You might notice that Iris and Flo had to get all up in the redo. Those chairs keep changing colors, couldn’t be the picture taker. The chairs are true to color in the middle shot. More red but kinda leaning towards cranberry.. 🙂

Good thing I didn’t title this Wordless Wednesday!

Mondays Inspired. By Friends….

DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2 photo DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2-1_zpsfc0266a7.jpg

So I find myself inspired today by my blog friends. That is some most excellent inspiration I think we would all agree. Inspired by Dianna at These Days of Mine. Linda at The Road Awaits. Sam and Pam at One Spoiled Cat and Margie at Latebloomerbuds.

I LOVE Mondays. Sundays I love more. Sam(and Pam)inspired me to shout that out. I really love this Monday cause while I also love CH he is gone all day to the BIG CITY with The Mama and sometimes I need a day to myself to let my wild and crazy out to play. So, I am going to buy a pair of Sorel winter boots and thanks to Miss Linda of the Road Awaits I am going to buy a wireless remote for my camera! Dianna got that purchase rolling with her post today about traveling tripods and kissing Motor Man and then Linda added more incentive in Dianna’s comments with the wireless remote that her hubby purchased. Margie inspired the snap of the jetty in Venice, Florida.

CH when you get your wandering to St. Louis and eating good St. Louis food person home you can blame all these gal pals in the links for my happy Monday inspirations. Boots. There are no words to express my love of boots. Wireless remote. And dang a blog post before a month or two sauntered by in a PROcrastinating teasing kind of way. I did manage to pass on the inspiration of a couple of friends to add a horse to the Tiny Ten. Today’s 19 degree high and memories of breaking up iced water buckets and hauling fresh water with my nose hairs frozen together was an inspiration killer.

A Pet Remembrance Day

Isobel from IsobelandCat’s blog is remembering her kitty tonight. Her kitty Gorgeous Freddy but better known as Cat on her blog, a ginger boy she loved with all her heart. It is very close to this time that Cat passed away. She has NotCat now and her blog is full of his ginger self. But today it is about Cat and all the other pets in Isobel’s life. She is asking that we all join in and light a candle today and tonight and put it in a window to remember the pets in our own lives and to remember Cat too. She suggests we all clink a glass of something of your choice. So tonight CH and I will be having a glass of wine and clinking glasses with Isobel and anyone else that would like to remember the wonderful animals that have been a part of your life and made your heart happy. Please click here for Isobel’s post one week after Cat died last year. And click here for her post about her lovely idea to remember our pets today.

This kitty will be in our hearts tonight as she is every day along with Cat and all the other pets that hold a special place in the heart of their person. She is our Z Cat, our Country Cat, Z Catter, Fuzz Face. She was the cat of my life. She left us January 17, 2009. And there is a long list of others. Our Holly Cat, Spanky, Tinker, Sleepy, Grumpy. There are childhood dogs and a cat. Dutchie my Dachshund, my Sheltie Happy and a Taffy cat. Herman, CH’s much loved Heinz 57. There was the horse of my life, Ladies Dance and Rumbles, Sugarfoot, Rumbles Too and Dizzi.

So, Isobel thank you so much for beginning this tradition. Our hearts are with you on this day as you think of your special sweet memories of Cat, your Gorgeous Freddy Boy.