Sunday Stills~On the Road

We were on the road this week to the BIG CITY of Kansas City, Missouri. This is Country Club Plaza and shopping could make you very happy here.. 😀 And there are so many places to eat FOOD that it befuddles and excites!

Beautiful BIG CITY buildings stand tall and try to touch the clouds.

Kansas City is well known for its fountains and this is one of my favorties. It is the J.C.Nichols Memorial Fountain and it is in pink to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October.

When I look at this picture this morning I can’t help but think of War Horse. We watched it last night, a wonderful movie.

We stayed in a small urban Bread and Breakfast that is always our choice when we go to KC. As usual we ate our way through the city. Breakfast was always scrumptious at the B&B and our first night there we ate at Blue Koi with CH’s brother and his wife. They are the ones that bent our arms behind our backs and forced us to go there! We kiddingly call the place Blue Lou’s but that is a whole other story. We had a wonderful funny good time with them and hoovered appetizers and Chinese Black Bean Chicken and Noodles until we could hoover no more. Wine and Octoberfest Beer made an appearance. We ate, get ready for it…CHEESEBURGERS at Winstead’s and had a whole lot of Italian at Garozzo’s. Stuffed Artichoke and Chicken Spiedini was the choice there. While we were there we also checked out the American Royal Horse Show which hadn’t quite got up to speed yet. Had to stop at Kleinschmidt’s in Higginsville, Missouri~the place with a gazillion BOOTS on the way home. We drove the rest of the way back to the Tiny Ten and needed to rest from our short vacation!

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Barn Charm and a Day Trip

First barn I found on the back road to Fulton yesterday. Priority for yesterday~snap some barns! Then pick up The Mama(CH’s Mom) and go to Williamsburg to Marlene’s which is located right next door to Crane’s Country Store. Marlene’s for the best CHEESEBURGER in MissouREE and if you love Carhartt clothing, Crane’s little country store is one of the places to find it! A beautiful country sunny kinda day. We even had a little wine time before leaving The Mama’s. A sweet white from a winery in Liberty, MO. My country self had a happy Monday. Barn snaps, lunch, a little wine time and a beautiful ride home. Thank you Tricia! You have us out traveling the beautiful country of Missouri! Got to get going, Book Club meets this morning. Can’t wait to get home and visit some Charming Barns!

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Thank You E.C.! This Post is for You!!

E.C. over at Enjoying Creating has been baking some delicious looking rolls. And can you believe it? She has been tempting me with pictures. So I sort of dropped a hint, like a lead balloon, that I would like the recipe. And being the sweet person that she is with a wonderful sense of funny, she did a whole post about her rolls with the link to the recipe!

E.C. we had a few little issues but they came out fine. They aren’t as pretty as yours but CH and I decided that they were all unique little individuals with their own odd shapes and blemishes. But they were beyond scrumptious and we hoovered them down before the day was over. I know! Redunkulous!! But with the buttah we couldn’t leave them alone.

Thank you E.C. The rolls had a wonderful texture and just the most wonderful teeny bit of sweetness and saltiness. And they were easy even for me who knows nothing about baking bread. Well, there was that little problem about them not rising. But we and the rolls rose above it! I know!! I crack myself up this morning 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge:Breakfast

Fried Mush, baby!! CH is the mush maker and cooker. Mush recipe here. But “we” use white cornmeal with lots of salt and pepper and fry it in canola oil and like it sliced a teeny more than a quarter inch thin so it’s nice and crispy. All the better to hold the “buttah” and the Amish made sorghum molasses. And no, there is not one healthy thing about mush. It’s country gourmet!