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Well… We’ve Been on Vacation!

DSC_2534 - Copy
Geesh, I missed you all! We headed to Florida the 10th when the temps hit single digits in good old Missouri and said “hey” to the Tiny Ten today. We are happy to be back… nah, that’s a lie. It was and is beautiful in Venice, Florida… why would we want to leave the “Sunshine State”? I am going to get back to visiting blogs and getting caught up on commenting, I really missed commenting. I missed partying in comments and being in touch with all of you. I tried to follow and read your posts but commenting was crazy frustrating from my phone and iPad. Thankfully I was able to keep up with a few people on Instagram. Does anyone have a suggestion for easy, unbefuddled commenting. Does the WordPress App help? Picture taker was CH for this photo.

Hey Ho here I go… It’s going to be like reading a wonderful book getting caught up with all of you!

Random Five Friday

Venice 09 002 - Copy My heart feels happiness and peace like no other time when I stand on this beach.

The older I get, the flatter my butt gets.

Hummus scooped up with a Ruffles potato chip is gourmet.
Avocado slices on whole wheat bread with salt, pepper and olive oil-ditto.

I love Poohism quotes. This is one of my favorites and is on the fridge~
“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
‘Pooh!’ he whispered.
‘Yes, Piglet?’
‘Nothing,’ said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.
‘I just wanted to be sure of you.'” ~ Winnie the Pooh

It really IS the little things. While we were on vacation I had to do a load of laundry and the hotel gives you little single load Ultra Tide Original powder boxes. I went out and bought myself some powder Ultra Tide. The scent of fresh laundered towels can make my day.

Joining Nancy at A Rural Journal and thanking her so much for Random Five Friday where we share five facts about our life, our thoughts, whatever!

*Photo credit-Country Husband of course!

We Are Back… Sigh.

DSC_1970 - CopyWe are back from Florida-dee. I have no idea who these people are, I just fell in love with the lady’s yellow hat. She has no idea I was stalking her cheery floppy sunny yellow hat. We have been in Venice, Florida since January 31st, which is why I have not been commenting and visiting blogs. I missed doing the blog thing but it was a nice break and we were just so busy playing in the sand, eating FOOD and shopping.

Have I mentioned how busy we were eating food? Grouper sandwiches, sesame encrusted salmon, grouper sandwiches, loaded hot dogs at the jetty in Venice, all the deli goodies from The Publix which is my most favorite FOOD store in Venice, grilled grouper, fried grouper, blackened grouper.. well you have the idea.

DSC_1962I do know who this person is and I know that he was a very happy person in Florida-dee. This happy person wants to spend the rest of his life in Florida, walking the beach, finding shark teeth and wearing shorts ALL THE TIME! No COLD weather clothes for this guy. I hope he remembers to take me when he spends the rest of his life in Florida.

DSC_1947 - CopyI want to live in this house if the happy person up above does not forget to take me. I walked past this house every day on my way to downtown Venice. Had to walk walk walk so I could keep eating eating eating grouper sandwiches. I would of course have to change the name of this blog to Under the Palms. No problem!

DSC_1954 - CopyI wanted to bring this guy back but he wouldn’t fit in our vehicle. He would have made a great lawn ornament and a refreshing change to the rural landscape of The Tiny Ten. So happy will be me to be back visiting your blogs and commenting cause I have missed all of you and I have lots to say don’t ya know!

I did want to say that all of you caught in the ice and snow storm in the south, Georgia and the Carolinas, Virginia and moving up the coast, well I am hoping you all get your power back quickly and you are all safe and haven’t suffered property damage. We had a little experience with that storm traveling through Atlanta, Chattanooga and Nashville. Thinking of you all!


Mondays Inspired. By Friends….

DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2 photo DSC_0042-Copy-3_zpsddcd4ab2-1_zpsfc0266a7.jpg

So I find myself inspired today by my blog friends. That is some most excellent inspiration I think we would all agree. Inspired by Dianna at These Days of Mine. Linda at The Road Awaits. Sam and Pam at One Spoiled Cat and Margie at Latebloomerbuds.

I LOVE Mondays. Sundays I love more. Sam(and Pam)inspired me to shout that out. I really love this Monday cause while I also love CH he is gone all day to the BIG CITY with The Mama and sometimes I need a day to myself to let my wild and crazy out to play. So, I am going to buy a pair of Sorel winter boots and thanks to Miss Linda of the Road Awaits I am going to buy a wireless remote for my camera! Dianna got that purchase rolling with her post today about traveling tripods and kissing Motor Man and then Linda added more incentive in Dianna’s comments with the wireless remote that her hubby purchased. Margie inspired the snap of the jetty in Venice, Florida.

CH when you get your wandering to St. Louis and eating good St. Louis food person home you can blame all these gal pals in the links for my happy Monday inspirations. Boots. There are no words to express my love of boots. Wireless remote. And dang a blog post before a month or two sauntered by in a PROcrastinating teasing kind of way. I did manage to pass on the inspiration of a couple of friends to add a horse to the Tiny Ten. Today’s 19 degree high and memories of breaking up iced water buckets and hauling fresh water with my nose hairs frozen together was an inspiration killer.

Sunday Stills~Clouds

I might be reaching here, but there is some kind of little face in the lower right hand of the sky… 🙂 I had to use this picture from my archives but I think the rules are to shoot the picture the week of the challenge. I will do it right next time! Thank you Gobetween for your post that led me to this challenge!

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