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And Baby Makes Three.

CH found baby taking time to smell the wild violets. Too teeny to be out of the nest. No squirrel nest anyWHERE close and no squirrel Mom seen all day. Night is coming on and he is too teeny. Wandering cats will make short work of him. What now?

Licking water off CH’s hand and arm. Frantic call made to Missouri Conservation Department. We know nothing about babies. Call wildlife rehabilitator specializing in squirrel babies and leave message. She never calls back.

Baby is tired, weak and hungry. I am trying hard to not get attached. Baby set up in box for the night with water, black walnuts and cracked acorns. He drinks a little, eats some of the black walnuts and acorns. He misses what only Mom can give him. Wildlife rehabilitator lady still hasn’t called us. We get busy and google. He is doing much better 🙂 He even took a daytrip yesterday with CH to The Mama’s house and shopped for cars. For The Mama. No more things on wheels needed Under the Oaks.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Broken

We have had many a low country boils on this picnic table. But, it IS broken. And rotted out too. Country Husband says it is time to break it down and send it to the burn pile. I just can’t let him do it. It is a fixture in the yard, it is the charm of country life. The Old Man’s babies use it for gymnastics to tone up those squirrelly muscles. The birds get meal worms there. Mr. Tanager and Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird sit and wait to snatch a bug from the humid country air from the edge of the top. CH says we can get a new one, it will look nicer and be easier to sit on. New is overrated. New will have no country charm. I don’t know, as I look at it in this picture, it does look a bit sad. Maybe new would be a good thing 🙂 So much for country charm.

Weekly Photo Challenge:HOT!

Too HOT in HOT MissouREE for frog……

Too HOT in HOT MissouREE for a Kitty Not So Busy. Just airing it out!

The little tree frog showed up at our four season’s porch window on hot Sunday morning and I know, I just know his little frog eyes were checking out the inside of our cool porch and wishing his little hot self could have a little porch time. I was sitting in the chair feeling just a little guilty that I had that wonderful air conditioning. I really think that frog was wanting on the other side of that window.

Odd Couple……..

And I am not talking about me and CH! No idea why that frog picked that place. Maybe to survey his little bit of country in our back yard. He had to do some hopping or tree frog type crawling with those suction cup feet to get there. He had to crawl up the side of the house under the eave and slide down the red wire hanger. And serioulsy we did not put him there. The little hummer looks as perplexed as we were and slightly startled.

Old Oak. Old Man Squirrel.

The “Old Man”. He was such a huge personality in a tiny brown squirrel body. We were mesmerized by his presence. We laughed and cried over him a whole Summer and Fall. More often than not he showed up for wine time under the Oaks with us in the afternoons.

We had a glass of MissouREE sweet wine and he had cracked Hickory nuts.

He is missed. But we see a red squirrel now and then and say, “Oh yeah, that’s one of the Old Man’s kids!” And then we smile.