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Good Fences… #7

Native Stone-88231

This fence was the first thing we would see as we entered the property of Native Stone Winery just outside Jefferson City, Missouri. Lots of great memories meeting family at Native Stone for birthday parties and other celebrations. Certainly miss it. Miss the wine too! How I love a windy country road. If it ends at a winery with family and friends gathered for an afternoon of laughter, well you can’t ask for much more than that!

Speaking of friends.. I am trying to get caught up on comments at your blogs. We have had a crazy three weeks. I am hoping for a peaceful summer with few issues and strange happenings. Although yesterday an unidentified critter decided that the cool earth under our front porch would make a lovely summer home. Hoping it isn’t a skunk, it would be our third one on The Tiny Ten. Gotta love living in the country.

Joining Tex for Good Fences this Thursday…

Random Five Friday

DSC_0245 - Copy

Can’t help but wonder how this little guy is doing. CH found him toodling along on his own March of 2012. Kept an eye on him and it became clear he was too little to be out of the nest and no adult squirrel was around to take care of him. As it started to get dark there were too many dangers for a little squirrel. I am hoping little Squee is thriving out in his own bit of country with a little girl squirrel and a family.

My Nook died. Not really, but that is the excuse I am making for the Kindle Paperwhite making its way toward me. I am excited. Amazon has such a better selection of books to choose from than Barnes and Noble. AND I have Sharechair blog to help me get the most out of my Kindle.. 🙂

CH is in Florida with The Mama. The house is too quiet. I love my alone time but I might, I say might have overrated its importance. A little goes a long way. But the house is clean.. 😀 That might be overrated too. And I miss his cooking!

The Kinda Big City of Jefferson City has come up in the world and they now have a Chick-fil-A. Another reason to be all giddy but it seems I am not the only one that is giddy over chicken because there are more peeps than I ever thought possible thinking they want some Chick-fil-A too and they are in my way to getting an 8-count box of chicken nuggets. I’m not sure but it may be that I eat the chicken nuggets just so I can dip them in the Honey Mustard sauce.

I find it totally baffling when people pull out in front of me and creep along when there is not one single car behind me for miles. Couldn’t they have waited to take their mile of deserted road? This last random fact a result of frustration over trying to get an 8-count of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Hmm, I may have to settle for a… CHEESEBURGER! That would be just awful.. 😀

Joining Nancy from a Rural Journal once again for her Random Five Friday!

It’s Raining on the Tiny Ten!!!

DSC_1656 - Copy
After over a month of no rain and every little thing starting to get crispy and the burning bushes dropping leaves, the oak leaves burning, classified as abnormally dry after last years drought and heading that route again… rain is falling on our little bit of country! We are all giddy. We can hear the oaks sighing with relief. My cranky is lifting.

DSC_1659 - Copy

DSC_1660 - Copy
Love hearing the rain hitting the roof of the front porch. Who knew how happy I could get over rain? Ah.

DSC_1655 - Copy
And we have a visitor! Sammy could this be one of Freddie’s buds?

Wordless Wednesday Again!

I know she is just another picture of a little brown Fox Squirrel but she is special. This is Suzy. Suzy Q. And this is her second year with us and as I walk my heart healthy laps these Fall days it is clear to me that she is Old Man Squirrel’s little girl. She is just like him. She follows me on a short bit of my walk, makes sure I’m watching her and she waits patiently for the hickory nuts CH leaves under her tree. The Old Man Squirrel’s tree. She joins us at 4 Under the Oaks looking for acorns while we sit close to the chiminea to stay warm. She is such a nice gift this Fall. It took a bit for her to warm up to us but now we know Old Man Squirrel left us this gift.

Joining Linda at Wordless Wednesday Again.

And Linda I done you proud. I am totally NOT wordless but so wordy you may have to rename this Chatty Wednesday!

A Happy Ending…

This was CH early morning late March giving Squee the last feeding that we would get to give our little squirrel that toddled on wobbly baby legs into our yard. His story is here and here.

Squee as we arrived at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic and we reluctantly turned him over to the good people there so he could begin his journey back to where squirrels belong in the wild. Reluctant only because we became bonded to him and he was too sweet and cute for words. He loved CH and CH’s rough little tummy rubs. Well, rough little tummy rubs gently given to a little teeny squirrel body.

Yesterday we were back at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic for their Open House and to see our little squirrel Squee. The Open House was packed and we found it fun and interesting but we had one little someBODY on our minds.

We found him in no time and one of the volunteers recognized us and looked on the paperwork on the clipboard and yep it was for sure our little Squee. She stuck her finger through the bars and he curled up around it and let her scratch his tummy. She said he was the only squirrel to quit his syringe feeding and stay so friendly. Minutes later CH got to rough that little tummy up too.


Saying good-bye. Toodles Squee! Have a wonderful little squirrel life. He is scheduled for release this week with three other little cuties. Two boys, two girls. They will stick together. Be taken to the wilds of someone’s rural property in their box. Box mounted on a tree and a new life begins.

A happy ending for our little Squee. See ya! Bye! It was fun!

It has gotten a little busy in our lives and we have places to go things to see and the Tiny Ten to tend and books to read and family to see and wine tastings to do and hammock time and flowers to smell and FOOD to grill and eat and well you get the idea! So I am going to take a little break from blogging. Take care all and I will see ya soon!

Little Squee….

Safely turned over to the good people at Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic in High Ridge, Missouri at 11:30am yesterday. They are super people. I have a few more pictures and will do an update but we are back on the road today to go to The Mama’s and I am pooped. Gee that little guy was fun! Thank you all for your wishes for his health and safety and your encouragement. It meant so much to CH and me! I will be around to your blogs and catch up this evening. Enjoy your Saturday everyBODY!