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Weekly Photo Challenge:Breakfast

Fried Mush, baby!! CH is the mush maker and cooker. Mush recipe here. But “we” use white cornmeal with lots of salt and pepper and fry it in canola oil and like it sliced a teeny more than a quarter inch thin so it’s nice and crispy. All the better to hold the “buttah” and the Amish made sorghum molasses. And no, there is not one healthy thing about mush. It’s country gourmet!

A New Start

This little sunflower face was taken by Country Husband. I found it when I loaded pictures to the computer last night and fell in love with the sunny detail of it. It is SOOC, nothing done to it. Nada. This little guy and about 300 more of others like him were standing in our west pasture all straight, tall and proud. Way back in early Spring we decided to burn off some of our west pasture. Things got a little out of hand when the wind came up and we had to do the 911 call. It wasn’t all that out of hand but we were very happy to see the faces of the men that volunteer for our local fire department. I was just a bit worried about the neighbor’s horses. I knew the horses would be OK but I didn’t want the field to go up in flames. I had no idea CH threw out a bunch of sunflower seeds in that black, stinky charred field. And so a new start to the old blackened pasture! And a new start here at the blog too.

Computer was picked up Wednesday. Came home with a brand new hard drive and a zippier new feel. Two weeks it was gone. Who knew? So I am going to get back to posting and reading all those wonderful blogs out there and do some commenting now that I have my old new familiar laptop back. Now I just have to find a shot for the Weekly Photo Challenge. HOT!