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We Are Back… Sigh.

DSC_1970 - CopyWe are back from Florida-dee. I have no idea who these people are, I just fell in love with the lady’s yellow hat. She has no idea I was stalking her cheery floppy sunny yellow hat. We have been in Venice, Florida since January 31st, which is why I have not been commenting and visiting blogs. I missed doing the blog thing but it was a nice break and we were just so busy playing in the sand, eating FOOD and shopping.

Have I mentioned how busy we were eating food? Grouper sandwiches, sesame encrusted salmon, grouper sandwiches, loaded hot dogs at the jetty in Venice, all the deli goodies from The Publix which is my most favorite FOOD store in Venice, grilled grouper, fried grouper, blackened grouper.. well you have the idea.

DSC_1962I do know who this person is and I know that he was a very happy person in Florida-dee. This happy person wants to spend the rest of his life in Florida, walking the beach, finding shark teeth and wearing shorts ALL THE TIME! No COLD weather clothes for this guy. I hope he remembers to take me when he spends the rest of his life in Florida.

DSC_1947 - CopyI want to live in this house if the happy person up above does not forget to take me. I walked past this house every day on my way to downtown Venice. Had to walk walk walk so I could keep eating eating eating grouper sandwiches. I would of course have to change the name of this blog to Under the Palms. No problem!

DSC_1954 - CopyI wanted to bring this guy back but he wouldn’t fit in our vehicle. He would have made a great lawn ornament and a refreshing change to the rural landscape of The Tiny Ten. So happy will be me to be back visiting your blogs and commenting cause I have missed all of you and I have lots to say don’t ya know!

I did want to say that all of you caught in the ice and snow storm in the south, Georgia and the Carolinas, Virginia and moving up the coast, well I am hoping you all get your power back quickly and you are all safe and haven’t suffered property damage. We had a little experience with that storm traveling through Atlanta, Chattanooga and Nashville. Thinking of you all!


Random Five Friday

DSC_1917 - Copy

How does 40 years go flying by so fast? I just know that I sure do like the guy that has spent those 40 years with me. Of course I love him too but sometimes for the long haul(romantic is what I am) “like” is more important.

Family. Where would we be without them?

I am such a ditz! When I can’t sleep and I browse blogs, if it’s 3:30 or 4am I won’t leave a comment because I am afraid of bothering who I am visiting.. 😯

Going to get myself back to doing embroidery thanks to Margie at Latebloomerbuds blog! Hugs and thanks Margie.. ♥

We went to the Lake of the Ozarks yesterday. It was home for us before we moved to The Tiny Ten. They now have my favorite FOOD store there that is a St. Louis, MO (our home home) tradition.. Dierbergs! I came home clutching a bag with a small container of their Red Skin Potato Salad. Red skin potato salad is right up there with homemade noodles and chicken for me… makes my taste buds want to shake it up baby, twist and shout! They also have self checkout. Self checkout in a FOOD store makes my self all giddy. But yesterday the Dierbergs lady kept taking everything out of my hand and running it over the scanner. I wanted to tell her to buzz off, MY self is perfectly capable of using the self checkout. Generally and predictably if I need a self checkout lady’s help she is as scarce as being considerate while talking on a cell phone. Oh and could be I will be having that red skin potato salad for breakfast this morning.

Well ok then! I am joining sweet Nancy with her delightful sense of funny at her blog A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday where you share FIVE random facts about your SELF, your day, your pets, your kids,  YOUR HUSBAND, whatever!

Dona Nobis Pacem~Peaceful First Day of November

DSC_1722 - Copy

Nature’s peace on the Tiny Ten. A fire in the chimenea with the brilliance of Fall colors all around us.

DSC_1737 - Copy
A little MissouREE wine can’t hurt either…Right? Some Babybel cheese. Hickory scented smoke curls around us. Boot and jeans weather too! We shared the afternoon with the Nuthatches. Their little faces remind me of tiny mimes but there is nothing silent about them as they “YakYaKYAK” and work the bark over on the Oaks. We can hear their birdie feet up and down the tree, their beakers stuffing sunflower hearts under the bark.

DSC_1738 - Copy
Hundreds of Autumn colored leaves let go their tight grip they had all summer and let themselves do a leafy version of a faceplant all around us on a perfect peaceful first day of November. I was a little envious of their carefree “letting go” and their whirly twirly dance to the ground.

Grant Us Peace

Random 5 Friday

  • DSC_1346
  1. CH, the Husband for 39 years, baked his first loaf of Challah bread. I know what you are thinking as you look at that monster loaf of bread. It’s OK,  his feelings will survive your giggles, snickers and laughter. It looks like Challah bread on steroids. That is just his manly man version of a challah braid. It didn’t affect the taste. It was delicious! Crunchy sweet crust on the outside and that lovely pale yellow sweet bread inside. All gone now having been hoovered down with lots of buttah. CH is the bread maker in our house.
  2. My heart loves the book  That Quail Robert by Margaret Stanger.
  3. I haven’t filled up the gas tank for over two years in either of our vehicles. Sadder than sad. My head is hanging down in shame. I have a retired husband.  He is home all the time. He is home ALL THE TIME.. 😀
  4. I could live on bread and butter, homemade noodles and mashed potatoes.
  5. I am a worrier. An Olympic worthy worrier.

Joining Nancy at A Rural Journal this Friday!

Bruschetta and Them Boots.

DSC_1192 - Copy (2)
I set up a nice little wine time with bruschetta and gave the whole happy afternoon event the color orange so I could do a color coordinated post about them boots waaaay back when Big Brown came bouncing down the road with them. Bruschetta fixings came from St. Louis, MO and my favorite food store Dierbergs. CH is so wanting to get busy with that bruschetta but I won’t let him touch nothin’ till I get a shot of them boots! See that smile.

DSC_1182 - Copy (2)
The longer it takes me to get them boots and the bruschetta and the wine glasses just right CH starts to see this may take longer than he thought but dang he should know by now.

DSC_1188 - Copy (3)
He begins to see the whole thing may be going to hell in a handbasket. Patience is short.

DSC_1189 - Copy
Patience is shot.

DSC_1193 - Copy (2)
Patience is GONE. Went to the kitchen and made his own bruschetta. But look at them boots and that lovely wine and colorful plate!

Now that’s a picture!

It Is A Hallelujah Friday!

My wonderful husband, that would be CH and that would be the same CH and husband that leaves the milk jug in the fridge with a half a thimbleful of milk in it, well he has done a most wonderful thing. I have loved Mr. Smokey Robinson’s music all my life. He performed with Daryl Hall, yes of Hall and Oats in a relaxed kind of jam session at Daryl’s house and I have that saved to my computer(and iPhone and iPad)but CH has been recording all of the episodes of Live From Daryl’s House to catch the repeat without me knowing. It recorded last night and I went jumping up and down happy cause now I can see Mr. Smokey Robinson with Daryl and Tom “T-Bone” Wolk(T-Bone sadly died in 2010)on the big screen with the speakers thumpin’ some Smokey old time tunes! The entire episode is on You Tube but it takes about an hour to watch. If you like Smokey and Daryl Hall and have some extra time it is worth the watch.

It is pure magic!
Live From Daryl’s House~Smokey Robinson

And we have tickets to see Smokey live!!!

*You Tube came after me and told me I couldn’t have Smokey and Daryl’s video here so I thought I better respect their request. They put a big old red X here and removed it. Sorry. The link still takes you to the wonderful Smokey episode.