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We Fought the Polar Vortex and the Polar Vortex Won.

DSC_0038 - Copy - Copy
Hello! Well the Polar Vortex beat us down and we had to leave the Tiny Ten. We headed to The Mama’s for three days. No internet there! We had a festive time though because her Christmas tree refuses to jump back in the storage box. That would be cause we still have not had our Family Christmas. The weather has misbehaved badly every flippin’ weekend we have tried to get together and “Make Merry”. We made Merry at The Mama’s for our short stay and had wine time and ate FOOD and let the Christmas tree be all happy with its lights all twinkly. So now after 10 inches of snow, minus 9, minus 11, 1 degree for a high on Monday, I’m saying ONE ding dang degree for the HIGH people!… So now it’s going to be 60 degrees on Sunday for our Family Christmas. We are all going to be there with our flip flops, shorts, and bottles of sunscreen! MissouREE and its crazy wacky weather!

So I will be back to visiting your blogs and getting caught up. I hope everyBODY else is coming out of the deep freeze and is doing just fine. See ya soon in comments!

*If you have a few extra minutes please visit Dianna’s blog, These Days of Mine and watch and listen to a video she has on her post “Do You Have Six Minutes?” .. you won’t be sorry, maybe a little teary but happy tears! A moving video!

Spring Chicken

So I have a blog friend that is a hooker. A hooker of rugs of course. I have been following Kim at her blog Millie’s Mats for a long time. I won a giveaway on her blog a few years back, a lovely autumn leaf mat that sits on my coffee table year round. Recently she was hooking a chicken that began to take on a life of its own for me. Chicky Kim was calling her, giving her life don’t you know. I am doing a new room that is supposed to be my room for a little me time away from the TV and to just be. I decided I wanted Miss Chicky, who evolved into a pillow. I had ordered two chairs (had to be two chairs cause someBODY in the house was not to be denied) back in November which were finally delivered last week and I emailed Kim a shot of the chairs to see if Miss Chicky would do to roost in the new room. It was a go! And so I got mail.DSC_1358 - Copy

Miss Chicky came flat and I stuffed her and she came to roost in the new room which is still in transition. A sweet little blue dishcloth made by Kim was included cause she just does thoughtful nice things like that.
DSC_1365 - Copy

My Spring Chicken, Miss Chicky thanks to Kim!

She is just the cutest, Miss Chicky. Kim too! Visit Kim’s blog Millie’s Mats, she features Rug Hooking and Everyday Life. She has a link to her Etsy shop where she sells her lovely beautiful quality hooked rugs.

DSC_1368 - Copy
Room in the process of trying to find its personality, its individuality, its Pix-ness. I am planning on putting up some of my barn shots and little birds of all kinds will probably find their way to this room. The room does snoop out into the back woods and flowerbed that is full of birds and their feathery goings on. You might notice that Iris and Flo had to get all up in the redo. Those chairs keep changing colors, couldn’t be the picture taker. The chairs are true to color in the middle shot. More red but kinda leaning towards cranberry.. 🙂

Good thing I didn’t title this Wordless Wednesday!


Mr. Tanager under his Oak

AnyBODY out there like to share their views about Tweeting. Not bird speak kind of tweeting but peep tweets. Twitter! I am flirting with opening a Twitter account because I have not spent enough time on the computer every ding dang day…!!! I don’t think I even understand twittering or tweeting but I am all curious because I see blogs I read that “tweet” and I think I might be missing something and I don’t want that to happen… 😀 Or has Tweeting twittered out? I am so up on all the social stuff on the computer that it has taken me 4011 years to think about peeping, twittering or tweeting. Any tweets of wisdom?