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Friendly Fill-ins ~ Week 97

I am ready for the Fill-ins… I am! Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing host this fun Friday question and answer and I really enjoy it. If you would like to join in and/or read the other Fill-in posts just click on the badge above. So here I go… but not without a picture and it does relate to my answer to one of the questions!

This picture was clicked at the South Jetty in Venice, Florida… our home away from home. The South Jetty is not our home, but Venice… don’t want to get you all befuddled here. The jetty is one of my favorite spots to relax and enjoy the water, birds, watch the people that fish and people taking their boats out of the marina. And then… wait for it… they have the best hot dogs at South Jetty!

Okay, really… here I go!

  1. When I am nervous, I worry. When I worry I get more nervous. It is crazy making behavior and I am always working on trying to change which gives me something to do to forget about being nervous. Having a constructive task to break the cycle helps. So does being near water where there are birds, flowers, trees, and shells… and hot dogs. South Jetty!
  2. When I am angry, I usually shut down… or yell. I am angry about something traumatic that happened to our family last week but my being angry will not change a thing so I need to let it go.
  3. Today, I know for sure that life is short. Every moment of every day needs my total positive attention. I feel the need to tell the people in my life more than ever how important they are… tell them how much I love them. Thank them for being in my life and making my life so much better.
  4. For St. Patrick’s Day, I usually don’t do much if anything at all. We used to make a pot of kielbasa, potatoes, and cabbage but now St. Pat’s is just another day for us. I think the only holidays or special event days we celebrate are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last three or five years, I celebrate the tiny moments in life that make me happy, make me smile. It really is all about the little things. As I type this I think we will be celebrating St. Pat’s with new friends that we have met and you know there will be FOOD… maybe a Grouper sandwich and it will be at a restaurant on the water! Does it get much better than that? Friends, FOOD, water… and a view!

That is it for this Friday. I might, might work on keeping my Fill-ins shorter but it seems lately I have so much to say.

Thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Friday Fill-ins… always!

Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

When you see these two cute cats on this badge you know it’s Friday and you know it is time for Friendly Friday Fill-ins hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing. If you would like to link up and join the fun just click on the badge… it’s that easy!

This picture really has not one thing to do with Ellen and Annie’s Fill-ins today but I found it and it made me smile AND I can’t do a post without a picture AND, AND, AND, a shooting star is a symbol of good luck. It seemed appropriate today for a lot of reasons. You should always see a shooting star with a friend and I have one in mind… she should know who she is. She wisely told me to focus on the positive yesterday and what better way to do that then to do the Fill-ins!

  1. Before you eat chili, you need to grab the jar of peanut butter so that you can have a little bite of PB with every bite of chili.
  2. After my riding lessons when I was a kid my Mom took me to Steak and Shake for one of their awesome grilled ham sandwiches. I don’t think they are on the menu now. I have the sweetest memories of those lunches with my Mom.
  3. Winter can be a beautiful season, especially to photograph. But winter has not been playing nice and I think I have had enough of it… even though it can be beautiful… focusing on the positive here!
  4. Spring is a time of rioting joyful little flower faces and the hurried feathery efforts of birds to find prime real estate to raise their families. Mr. Tanager comes back to the Tiny Ten around the 15th of April. We may miss him this year, but that’s okay because he knows the Tiny Ten is his summer home.

So, that is it, that’s what I have for this Friday!

Thank you to Annie and Ellen for the HAPPY of the Friday Fill-ins!

Friday Fill-ins! Week 91

It’s Friendly Fill-in time hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen from 15andmeowing. Click the badge above to visit other Fill-in posts and to add your Fill-ins.

  1. Trust is essential but complicated.
  2. I would protest the lack of chocolate chip cookies at our house.
  3. I have loved horses since I was two when my Granddad set me on top of a swayback old gray mare.
  4. Right now, I am craving a Tim Tam.

And a BIG thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Fill-ins!

Friendly Fill-ins Week 47

It’s a Friendly Fill-in kind of day. Click the badge above to go to the Fill-in prompts and to visit other Fill-in posts! Thank you to McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing for hosting this fun Friendly Fill-in on Fridays.

  1. The first thing I think about in the morning is checking on TinyKittens. TK is a cat and kitten rescue in Fort Langley, BC. They live stream all things kittens and cats 24/7. Currently Evolene and Corsica are on the stream. Two Mom cats that were feral and were trapped and brought in to have their kittens in a safe and caring environment. Great homes will be found for the kittens and Moms after they are spayed and neutered. Both Moms are ready to give birth any day.
  2. The last thing I think about before sleep is why can’t I get to sleep!
  3. I am looking forward to all the Oaks getting themselves dressed for summer. I am also looking forward to Mr. and Mrs. Tanager’s return to the Tiny Ten. It is usually mid April when we hear their beak speak.
  4. I am so pleased that it has rained and rained and rained some more. I wasn’t happy with the scary storms Wednesday night though. Big things were flying around in the night. I think we are now out of drought!

Summer Tanager
Photo Credit… Country Husband


I was nominated by Clowie to participate in the “Eight Photos of Happiness” blog tag… Thank you Clowie. You can click on the first photo or any photo to make the gallery photo bigger.. all the better to see my happiness! These photos are HAPPY for me. I could have done tons more photos of things and people that make me happy but I had to keep it to eight.

Here are the rules for the tag/challenge…
Thank the nominator and link back to them. Done.
Link to the creator, Ariel.
Post eight photos of happiness. The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy and a brief description why you selected it.
Spread the “happiness” by nominating up to 10 other bloggers. I am choosing to nominate any of my friends that would like to show their HAPPINESS!

*I took the day off from visiting blogs yesterday because CH and I had a busy day and today is busy too! I promise to get to your blogs later today…. Promise!


Random 5 Friday

DSC_2616 - CopyWe have a new visitor to The Tiny Ten! He has been here about two weeks. I have not been able to get a decent picture of him… this is as good as I could do. He is camera shy. He has the sweetest little bird speak, I love hearing him talk, talk, talk in the morning… drink-your-tea! He is right outside our family room window in the bush which he has claimed as his own. He has a tiny fierce and protects his rights to that bush.

I am totally amazed by a modification to my clothing choice in my life. I have fallen out of love with jeans… people who know me know I love my jeans. My new fascination with comfortable clothing that makes me HAPPY is clothing from ATHLETA. I can’t stay away from their online site. It is the long and capri bottoms, the Asana tees, and the hoodies that make me excited about getting dressed in the morning again and has me doing my heart healthy walks around The Tiny Ten.

I can’t get anything done because I am watching Shelly’s Tinykittens. Her new fosters are The Sesame Street Kittens and she has a Livestream 24/7 cam. Five little kittens thrown in a trash can. Found by Handyman Joel when he heard little mews. My anger can’t be contained. Now they have a bright and happy future ahead of them with the promise of homes where they will be loved and respected. As I get ready to hit publish the kittens have taken down the cam! Have to wait till Shelly wakes up and gets cam back in position. These kittens are little scamps and love taking down the camera.


DSC_2571 - CopyI might be missing Florida.

I haven’t had wine for over a week. Wine Time today on The Porch… four ohhhh clock! I think bruschetta will be making an appearance. Hot diggity!

I am joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday. Welcome back Nancy and thank you for R5F!

Something Floofy Our Way Comes!

DSC_2338 - Copy
Floofy as a description is not limited to cats I am thinking with all the feather floof this Nuthatch has going on. It was a bit breezy on Sunday and he had the wind blowing out of the South right up his floofy derriére. He and his bird herd join us under the Oaks at 4 oh clock for wine time. He isn’t shy about letting CH know the amber dish is without sunflower hearts. He chats to CH on his way to and from the workshop to fill up the little dish. This one follows CH from tree to tree, little bird feet making tiny bird step noises on the bark as he yakyak yak-YAKs until CH comes out with the full dish and sets it in the holder.

I call the Nuthatches “The Mimes” because when their feathers aren’t all floofy but rather sleek and flat to their bird bodies they remind me of mimes. Nothing silent about them at all though. They have so much to say! We know.. they say it all during wine time.

The title of this post… I think I may have picked up the phrase from Tinykittens, a foster home for rescue cats and kittens with Foster Mom Kitten Whisperer Shelly Roche in Fort Langley, BC. You can watch the kittens live 24/7 at http://tinykittens.com/live. Tinykittens Facebook page.. http://facebook.com/tinykittens How did I ever go from Nuthatches to kittens? Oh my! To watch The Mimes at The Tiny Ten.. you have to come visit!

*I purchased a new lens, it’s smarter than me. For now.. 🙂

Pet Remembrance Day 2014

I am joining Isobel at IsobelandCat’s Blog today for the fouth time in remembering all of the pets that made our lives so much richer with their presence. Not just our pets but all the pets that have passed on. This photo gallery does not include all of the pets CH and I have loved but they are the ones that I could find and scan the old pictures. The Z Cat, also known as Country Cat was with us from May 2001-January 2009. CH and I so enjoyed going through old pictures yesterday afternoon. So many happy memories. All our loved pets tucked tightly in our hearts.

All these furry and feathery pets made my heart happy and made my life brighter. They made me laugh and made me cry. They taught me about living in the moment and living every moment with happiness. All my pets taught me about kindness.

Tonight CH and I will light candles and put them in the window and we will raise a glass of Missouri wine in the happy remembrance of all the pets that found their way into hearts all over the world and made us better people and taught us about love and respect and dignity till the end. And we will celebrate the pets that are living and filling hearts with their sweet companionship.

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