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Barn Charm in Buffalo, MO

Barn found on the trip to Springfield, MO last week near Buffalo, MO. There was an older woman, like me :D, on a lawn tractor mowing while I was snapping pictures. She gave me a big wave and smiled and I thought dang she is friendly. After I popped back in our vehicle and drove down the road a bit CH said she had a sign in her yard that said “Buffalo Yard of the Month”. I had to laugh, she probably thought I was out there taking pictures for the “big” Buffalo paper! She is probably looking for them 🙂 It is a beautiful yard. This picture is straight out of camera.

This is a shot of the same barn, different side, different angle. I played with this picture in Photoshop Elements 9 using Kim Klassen’s texture “Paper Stained”. Dang, so much to learn!

I wanted to share this picture because thanks to Cheryl at The Farmer’s Daughter’s blog I played with this picture in iPiccy and WooHoo do I love this editing site. Do a happy dance people and get on over there if you love to play with pictures! Thank you Cheryl for telling us about this site! The only thing is I haven’t figured out how to size in iPiccy correctly yet and I like the font I use for my pictures from Photobucket so I had to take the edited picture to Photobucket and size and do the font. So I hope iPiccy doesn’t come after me! Off to “The Mama’s” today for lunch!

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Barn Charm

Horse barn on the way to Columbia, MO on Highway 63. Usually there are horses but you know when I wanted to take a picture not a horse was to be seen. They also have the cutest black llamas with white faces. We always look for them. This was another FOOD trip too. Of course. Mandarin House. Moo Goo Gai Pan and Ja Bong. Who would have ever thought? Hunting Charming Barns~an excellent excuse to eat FOOD. Happened again yesterday. A trip to Springfield, MO to snap barns. Lunch at Red Robin and came home with a coffee table too. How did that happen?

On a sidenote,  Mr. Tanager arrived yesterday or early this morning to the Tiny Ten for his fourth season with us. He let us know this morning from his perch in the tree right outside the porch. Chuckie tuckie tuck! Chuckie tuckie tuck! He has lots to say. All day. Every day. Loudly. We can’t wait to hear it in April. Let summer begin! I WILL be trying to get a new picture of him. His girlie, if all works out right, will be here in a few days.

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A Little College Barn Charm

This barn is one of two barns at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. I took this picture yesterday and I’m telling you it really was and is that green right now! I didn’t do any tweaking on these photos, they are straight out of camera except for the old Under the Oaks. I do have my picture control set on vivid but seriously it is GREEN here in Missouri! The Tiny Ten is green green green right now too and that is why I love Spring in Missouri.

Stephens College has an Equestrian program. They have beautiful barns and gorgeous indoor and outdoor arenas. Everything is neat as a pin! I love visiting there, especially in the Spring and Fall. The horses were feeling the cool air today and there was some full of their big old selves running and bucking. It was a lovely afternoon!

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It’s Tuesday! It’s Barn Charm!

This is one of the barns from the Washington, Mo trip. Lots of barns on that road! Still slogging around in blue farm boots but now full of cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. Sunburned ears too! Barn Charm is a country kinda adventure. I need to hunt new barns but Tricia’s mention of her encounter with seed ticks has me a little skeered. Off! will be on my shopping list. Summer is going to put a whole new spin on snapping barns. Ticks. I hates them. Barns. I love em!

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Tuesday Barn Charm!

Another barn from our Washington, MO trip. There is a large stone farmhouse that goes with this barn, and another barn and a small log building. I snapped pictures of everything but the house and have those pictures. What was I thinking not getting the picture of the house. It was all for sale! Just outside of Mount Sterling, Missouri. I could be happy living there 😀 Well, if I wasn’t so happy Under the Oaks on the Tiny Ten. CH thought that old farmhouse, which is in excellent condition, would be some big upkeep. Has a four seaons porch too! It is a lovely little piece of country.

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Barn Charm!

Today is Tricia’s Barn Charm! This barn sits waaaaaaay up on a big old hill of its very own and though I love the sun, hello sunshine, I could not get this barn without the sun being every ding dang where I wanted to click. I tried morning and I tried afternoon. Best thing about this barn? It’s being used, loved and cared for and someone was cleaning up around it when I was trying to take my shots. It almost made me do a happy dance right there but we were on a pretty busy country highway and I was already attracting enough attention out there with my jeans all attractively stuffed into my blue rubber farm boots slogging around in mud. It was a fun day too. A trip to Washington, MO with lunch at the Old Dutch Hotel and Tavern. A Reuben and a, wait for it! a CHEESEBURGER! with sweet potato fries found their way to our sunny table. Absolutely smile producing kind of deelicious!

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Charming Barn Day!

Whoa! Skidding in here a little late 🙂 But yesterday was just too beautiful in MissouREE to not play outside so all things computer sort of got ignored. It’s Spring, the Daffies are in bloom! Couldn’t leave this barn out of Barn Charm!

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Barn Charm Tuesday!

I have no idea where I snapped this barn! It was one of the group of barns I found on the trip to Fulton last week. This old barn looks like it’s crying to me and oddly enough we were in Fulton yesterday at The Mama’s and I read this article from the Missourian. It is pretty much the same article Tricia linked to last week on her post in Barn Charm with the emphasis on Missouri barns. I hope you don’t mind me linking to it again Tricia, I think we can’t say it enough that our old barns need to be loved and preserved. I am going to be checking out the Missouri Barn Alliance and Rural Network.

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