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Good Fences #60

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Joining Tex at Good Fences this Thursday. This is a horse barn near Columbia, Missouri. I have used this click previously for Barn Charm but from a different perspective without the gate. CH and I both love passing this barn on our way to Columbia. They have horses that look to be some type of gaited horse… Tennessee Walker or maybe Standardbred… both of which are very popular here. There are also several llamas that seem quite interested in the vehicles passing by on the highway. As you can see, the day I clicked this picture, llamas and horses were not cooperating.

I finally did it, Tex!

Tricia’s Tuesday Barn Charm!

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At last! The weather and my motivation for picture taking have joined together and I snapped this barn on the way to the nusery to buy flower faces for the Tiny Ten. Poor old thing. It has definitely seen better days and I don’t think anybody is giving it any love. I loved it enough to give it a chance for Barn Charm!

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Barn Charm

I don’t know where this barn is located. Befuddle muddled is what I am. What can I say? It was on the barn hunt trip that was only going to be a short trip and turned into three hours! And no dang cheeseburger was part of the trip. But the barns I found and the trip were almost as good as a cheesebuger. Almost. Put your sunglasses on your face to safely view this barn. I may have,  just may have pushed the color on this baby just a little or maybe a whole lot over the top.

Joining Tricia’s Barn Charm. Well! It is Tuesday!!!

Texture is ‘Quiet’ from Nancy at A Rural Journal.

Barn Charm at Tricia’s Bluff Area Daily

I have no idea where this poor old sad little barn was snapped. It’s sweet though in a dishelveled kinda way. CH was zooming all around and up and down and I thought I might get a little woozy. But I got my picture taking wits about me and hopped out of the car and sat down in a bunch of weeds and clicked. I made the trip all kinds of fun for CH because I whined about poison ivy all the way home. It was just going to be an hour barn hunt but by the time we were detoured by a bunch of bridge building guys and waited forever on repaving it turned out to be a three hour trip. I think this might have been close to Vienna, Missouri. Sadly no cheeseburgers were consumed on this trip. Road trips for barn shots are just the bestest excuse to experience cheeseburgers in Missouri’s small town diners.

Poor old barn.

Edited in BeFunky and Pixlr.

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Barn Charm

These little charmers are located at a winery here in Central Missouri near the capital city, Jefferson City. Sadly the winery has closed. I know local wine lovin’ peeps will know this shot is from Native Stone Winery. I have always loved these two barn like structures and I am not sure that any animals were ever kept in either of them. The house on this property that the tasting room and restaurant were located in was ordered from the Sears catalog. Sad, so sad it’s gone. Summit Lake Winery closed last week too. A most beautiful view of Highway 54 and the Capitol Building. But all is not lost, Summit Lake wines are available at Hart Creek Bistro in Hartsburg, Missouri.. 🙂 It is a fun location and Hartsburg is the place for the annual Pumpkin Festival this month. And of course we can always do our wine sippin’ Under the Oaks dressed in their Fall finest here at the Tiny Ten and have our own little Octoberfest.

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Barn Charm!

Geesh! I fell off the wagon. I missed Barn Charm. I am moving out of our house on the Tiny Ten just to be close to this charming barn and silo! You know… so I could just walk out and hug it every ding dang day whenever I felt like it. And throw it a kiss and take a picture and put it on my blog and say “see what I got? I have a charming barn! I have a charming barn with a red roof and red silo”. Nah, I wouldn’t do that. I would just sit out in that field ticks and chiggers be danged and stare at it all day. Quietly. And then I would do a happy dance and maybe just maybe it would rain!

Joining Tricia and the other Barn Charm Chasers!

Barn Charm. Feeling Blue?

I like this little red barn. Like it. Lots. So, I don’t know why when I played with editing the darkness and blueness of it pleased me. One of the things I love about texture when people play with their pictures is seeing what makes them happy in an edit. My mood for the day must be reflected in this picture. I did it for Barn Charm last week and then PROcrastinated and found all kinds of reasons not to post. Myself is such a PROcrastinator. What’s up with that? The people that call Little Red here their own, they must be PROcrastinators too. Or maybe they couldn’t decide red or white for this fence. Maybe they like the fence red and white. Was the fence red and now they like white. White now red? What I really love about this picture is that sweet little tree leaning toward the silo. Really. That tree has a life. That tree has a presence. Personality is what that little tree has. I gotta have a tree in a Barn Charm photo! Whoa! You do not want to google PROcrastinator after admitting to PROcrastination and asking “What’s up with that?”. No you do not.

With no further PROcrastination I am joining Tricia and the others at Barn Charm!

Barn Charm


This poor little yellow barn. And gray barn. And white barn. And a little bit of red and brown. It does have a dutch door and I would have loved to see what it looked like when it was shut but it has a rock against the door. This barn is just inside the Springfield, MO city limits at the edge of a subdivision and yes it has two fit looking horses that call it home. They were there as we raced into Springfield to eat lunch at Red Robin. On the way back out of town they were no where to be seen. I suppose they were snoozin’ in their little barn. Or maybe someone loaded them up and took them for a ride. This barn cracks me up! Round bale and all. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the little horseshoe on the door, you know, for a little luck! I worry about the horses getting a leg caught in the green netting or twine though. I am kind of excited to go back to Springfield and see this barn and the two horses again. We have been going by there forever and I have never noticed it!

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