Welcome Little Teddy Kimmell!

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So happy Angel Sammy found you for your Mom and Dad, Teddy! You are in the most wonderful home with two people that love you and you are so special to them. Especially loved forever just like your big brother Angel Sammy who will lovingly and delightfully guide you through all things cat. All of blogland welcomes you with an open heart. Click on the badge to take you to the blog hop and just scroll down to see other posts welcoming Teddy!

What greater gift than the love of a cat?” …Charles Dickens

Friendly Fill-ins!

I am going to participate in McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing’s blog hop, Friendly Fill-ins, which is done every Friday. I had already done the Fill-ins at Twospoiledcats blog’s comments but I was inspired by Angel Sammy to get off my PROcrastinating butt… er, derriere and get back to blogging. Also, have to thank Annie from McGuffy’s Reader for reaching out to me way back and gently nudging me to start blogging again… thank you, Annie. Annie’s first name really is McGuffy… how cool is that?

So, here I go!
1. Snow is something that MissouREE has seen hardly any of this winter and we are not bothered by that!
2. My favorite kind of soup is my homemade Vegetable Beef and CH’s homemade Potato… mine is better.
3. When no one is around, I sing and dance to the oldies station in my boxers and my bunny slippers. You might not want to work too hard on that vision.
4. Z Cat is my heart cat, the bestest girl. I still miss her and think of her every day. Did I mention she was The BEST Girl?

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Lighting A Candle For Easy


This is a tribute to a silver misty gray weimaraner named Easy. He was the sweetest, funniest pup I have ever known. He went over the Rainbow Bridge too soon and left us all incredibly heartbroken. This candle today is a heartfelt way to tell his Mom and Dad how much we loved Easy and love them too.
Easy was a blogging pup and his blog was a source of joy, love, and compassion. I read his blog every day and there were many days he made a bad day change to good just by the words he wrote… with help from his Mom.

This candle brings with it a “Welcome Home” for Easy. A lighting the way for his return to his home and his Mom and Dad. Easy will forever be in their hearts and also in mine and all the people who loved this bigger than life pup named Easy Rider.

I am linking this post to Dory’s Backyard where you can read other tributes to Easy.

Sammy, Come Fly With Me!

Sammy! I finally have you right where I want you today… with me in my favorite spot under the Oaks on the Tiny Ten. CH and I are so happy to welcome you for this fun visit! You look so handsome in your red beret.

I want to thank Easy and Madi and Mom for making this visit possible. I also want to thank your Mom for letting you fly to MissouREE! After wine and niptini time we are serving BACON cheeseburgers… we will hold the cheeseburger Sammy and serve you BACON, BACON, BACON! And fish… if you so wish! So HAPPY you are here, Sammy! We love your furry Ginger Self more than words can ever say! Fly safely Sammy!


*Sadly Easy passed over the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday but his Mom and Dad wanted this Blog Hop to go on for Sammy. Easy is so missed. He was the sweetest, funniest Weim with a huge heart.
**I want to thank Madi’s Mom for her crazy fun editing skills and getting Sammy here at the Tiny Ten!

***I wanted to update this post. Yesterday Sammy flew over the Rainbow Bridge. This Come Fly With Me Blog Hop was to honor his courage and fight to stay with us. He is so missed.



I was nominated by Clowie to participate in the “Eight Photos of Happiness” blog tag… Thank you Clowie. You can click on the first photo or any photo to make the gallery photo bigger.. all the better to see my happiness! These photos are HAPPY for me. I could have done tons more photos of things and people that make me happy but I had to keep it to eight.

Here are the rules for the tag/challenge…
Thank the nominator and link back to them. Done.
Link to the creator, Ariel.
Post eight photos of happiness. The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy and a brief description why you selected it.
Spread the “happiness” by nominating up to 10 other bloggers. I am choosing to nominate any of my friends that would like to show their HAPPINESS!

*I took the day off from visiting blogs yesterday because CH and I had a busy day and today is busy too! I promise to get to your blogs later today…. Promise!


Good Fences #60

DSC_2093 - Copy
Joining Tex at Good Fences this Thursday. This is a horse barn near Columbia, Missouri. I have used this click previously for Barn Charm but from a different perspective without the gate. CH and I both love passing this barn on our way to Columbia. They have horses that look to be some type of gaited horse… Tennessee Walker or maybe Standardbred… both of which are very popular here. There are also several llamas that seem quite interested in the vehicles passing by on the highway. As you can see, the day I clicked this picture, llamas and horses were not cooperating.

I finally did it, Tex!

The Little Dogwood That Could

DSC_2645 - Copy (2)

I didn’t think this Dogwood that has been with us since it was tiny was going to make it to this Spring. Well, it did! And just like the Dogwood tree didn’t look like it could make up its indecisive self, I am not able to decide to blog or not to blog. Whether to get a cat or no cat. Stay home and do comments on blogs or careen around the golf course driving CH around 18 holes of golf. Move from our small acreage to a 55 plus community, stay in Missouri or head to New Mexico, Florida, or Arizona. The only thing that I am very sure about is that I will be enjoying a glass of Missouri sweet white wine at four oh clock today. So if you could, hang in there with me until I figure out the blogging thing because it is pretty clear to me that I can’t stop commenting on the blogs that I love. I am pretty sure I will be in comments tomorrow… 😀

Random 5 Friday

DSC_2616 - CopyWe have a new visitor to The Tiny Ten! He has been here about two weeks. I have not been able to get a decent picture of him… this is as good as I could do. He is camera shy. He has the sweetest little bird speak, I love hearing him talk, talk, talk in the morning… drink-your-tea! He is right outside our family room window in the bush which he has claimed as his own. He has a tiny fierce and protects his rights to that bush.

I am totally amazed by a modification to my clothing choice in my life. I have fallen out of love with jeans… people who know me know I love my jeans. My new fascination with comfortable clothing that makes me HAPPY is clothing from ATHLETA. I can’t stay away from their online site. It is the long and capri bottoms, the Asana tees, and the hoodies that make me excited about getting dressed in the morning again and has me doing my heart healthy walks around The Tiny Ten.

I can’t get anything done because I am watching Shelly’s Tinykittens. Her new fosters are The Sesame Street Kittens and she has a Livestream 24/7 cam. Five little kittens thrown in a trash can. Found by Handyman Joel when he heard little mews. My anger can’t be contained. Now they have a bright and happy future ahead of them with the promise of homes where they will be loved and respected. As I get ready to hit publish the kittens have taken down the cam! Have to wait till Shelly wakes up and gets cam back in position. These kittens are little scamps and love taking down the camera.


DSC_2571 - CopyI might be missing Florida.

I haven’t had wine for over a week. Wine Time today on The Porch… four ohhhh clock! I think bruschetta will be making an appearance. Hot diggity!

I am joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday. Welcome back Nancy and thank you for R5F!