Friday Fill-ins! Week 91

It’s Friendly Fill-in time hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen from 15andmeowing. Click the badge above to visit other Fill-in posts and to add your Fill-ins.

  1. Trust is essential but complicated.
  2. I would protest the lack of chocolate chip cookies at our house.
  3. I have loved horses since I was two when my Granddad set me on top of a swayback old gray mare.
  4. Right now, I am craving a Tim Tam.

And a BIG thank you to Annie and Ellen for the Fill-ins!

30 thoughts on “Friday Fill-ins! Week 91

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. And I learned something new, I didn’t know what a Tim-Tam was before I clicked the link. I would love to try one. That is great that you got into horses so young. I have never been on one and would be afraid to hurt a horse now with my weight. Have a nice weekend! XO


    1. Beware, Tim Tams are addictive. I enjoy the Fill-ins but I wasn’t prepared this morning and the appliance fixing dude showed up early this morning and messed up my routine. You enjoy your weekend too and I hope your itchies go away!


  2. Love your fill-ins today! How did I make it through life without knowing what a Tim Tam was? After reading about them at the link I’m thinking a Tim Tam Slam might be fun too (!). My favorite “oldie but goodie” cookie is a Garibaldi. Betcha don’t know that one! I love horses too – if we’d not moved around constantly when I was a kid I KNOW I would have continued to ride after I took lessons back in my youth. As for chocolate chip cookies – I made chocolate chip biscotti today – does that count???

    Love, Pam

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  3. OH Pix we did so enjoy your fill in and that Northern Flicker that is being held by ?CH? I’m in awe.
    There is never ever NO never too many chocolate chips cookies or for that matter chocolate in my house. Have your tried Nutella hazelnut with cocoa? I’m not a fan of hazelnut (especially in coffee) but OM word this stuff is yummy. Shhhhh don’t tell but I’ve been known to get a spoonfull
    and moan as I eat it…Just sayin

    Hugs Cecilia

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    1. That Flicker had flown into the porch window and knocked his feathery self out. He was pretty loopy when CH was holding him. He did come around and he was very polite and did not peck the heck out of CH’s hand. We get lots of bird strikes. Cardinals will bite the hand that helps them! Have not tried Nutella hazelnut with cocoa but we are hooked on Hershey”s choco spread with hazelnut. A spoonful of spread followed by a spoonful pf PB! But shoot… I may be changing to Nutella after your recommendation!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Ohhhh instant Reese’s cup!! Love it.
        The Nutella was on sale at Walmart. I bought the small jar…due to the word hazelnut.
        the large one was 4.88. Shouda bought that and I will next week. lucky to ‘bump’ into your house.
        New dish for supper tonight, B found it and we all know I’ll try anything.
        It is a sweet potato hash and sausage dish. Cook them put in an iron skillet, make indents and crack eggs into indents bake til egg is to your liking. Will let you know!!
        Hugs Cecilia

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  4. We are a yes yes YES on chocolate chip cookies. Mom never even heard of a TimTam, but she clicked it AND googled it and now we want one. It looks like a chocolate covered graham cracker, at first, but seems to be a sandwich cookie of some kind. They sell them at Target. News at 11.

    Love and licks,


    1. Ooooo, I wonder if our Target has them? Hmmm. I don’t know how to describe them… not graham cracker. And it is this thin creamy chocolate layer between the biscuit? part that all of sudden your taste buds realize they are there and the taste buds just jump up and shout! I like the regular milk chocolate but they have quite a few flavors. Let me know if you experience the joy of a Tim Tam. OhMyGosh, after all this everyBODY will probably go “meh”.


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