Friendly Fill-ins! Week 43


We all have the fun challenge of filling in four Friendly Fill-ins with thoughts/views that are unique to each of us today. You can find the Fill-ins for this 43rd week at McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing. Click on the badge right up top there… yeah, that’s the one with the two cute kitty fuzz faces. Just click on it and you can link up your Friendly Fill-in post and read other Fill-in posts… what’s not to love about that? Ready? Go…

  1. My favorite herb or spice is cardamom… hmmm, maybe rosemary. No, no, no… cardamom because it is one of the flavors that makes Nisu so irresistibly delicious… Nisu is a sweet bread. I have a dear friend that is Finnish and she makes Nisu and if you haven’t ever had Nisu that needs to be changed! And be sure to buy plenty of buttah!
  2. An herb/spice I dislike is ginger.
  3. Lately, I have been working on getting motivated to pick up my Nikon picture taker. And after picking it up, clicking some pictures. I don’t know where my desire to click happy went.
  4. This Winter was not like “The Little Engine That Could” but more like the winter that couldn’t. No problem with that for me because I still had enough cold days with a teeny flurry of snow, a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas, Β plenty of time to cocoon, and managed to eat all the comfort FOOD that comes with the winter season. Did I mention Nisu? Homemade noodles at Thanksgiving, CH’s mush, potato cakes, crock-pot roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans…okay I am going to stop!

DSC_1980 - Copy
Nisu! Where’s the buttah?

44 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins! Week 43

      1. he nearly ruined my parker house rolls… so I rather will ban him from the kitchen. I just read the recipe at allrecipe, what means “bread flour”, can I use the flour I have from a bread mix or is any flour good too?


        1. I have never made the bread… it was too much work for me… Ha! I will shoot you the recipe later. I have your email and the recipe is my Finnish friend’s recipe. I have seen bread flour where I shop. CH uses King Arthur’s when he makes bread. I will see what Kathy’s recipe says!


  1. Oh we are “ginger twins” today with the fill-in for least fave herb/spice! That nisu sounds (and looks) amazing…….guess I’m gonna have to see if I can find that at ANY bakery around here…..I have NO LUCK with baking things like that – I’ll admit it – I’m a bread-failure…….but I make up for it by being a biscotti-maven! That last fill-in had me though with the mention of homemade noodles, potato cakes, etc………now I’m starving to death…….guess I’d better rustle up some breakfast……….

    Love, Pam

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    1. You were NOT in spam today! Seriously on ginger? I am heading over to your bloggie now! I would love some potato cakes this morning but no leftover mashed potatoes and CH won’t be up for another three hours! I don’t find that Nisu nowhere but from Big Brown bumping down the road to the front door with a package from Kathy!

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  2. WoooHooo Pix is on line!!
    Ginger doesn’t like me too much. I can eat it in ginger bread but there is a salad dressing at the Japanese steakhouse with ginger it is delicious but OMC word…
    Pass me the Land O’Lakes and a hot roll…I can nearly see the steam rising off the roll
    Hugs Cecilia and Madi


  3. Hi, Pix! Oooh, I’ve never heard of Nisu, but it looks yummy!
    I don’t seem to have that problem with my Nikon picture taker…in fact, I’m almost out of space on my main computer, and dreading trying to figure out a solution to that problem.
    I noticed that our friend, Pam, also had “ginger” as her least favorite spice.
    And I don’t think any of us are complaining about this mild winter!
    Happy weekend to you, my friend.


    1. The solution to getting more space is to get a new computer… Ha! Doesn’t Marshall know all sorts of computer stuff. ~d could help! No, not complaining about the winter that couldn’t! Enjoy your weekend, too! And keep snapping happy!


  4. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers- and I learned something. I had never heard of Nisu before, it does look good. I only recently discovered the joy or cardamon ( it is pricey). I have a cookie recipe that calls for it. I don’t mind a hint of ginger in Chinese food, but once I went to a Japanese restaurant and they had ginger salad dressing and ginger ice cream-ick. I hope you get back into taking photos. Have a nice weekend!


  5. Oooh! It’s been years since I’ve had or made Nisu…now I’m going to have to make some (and eat it!) πŸ™‚ Cardamom is a favorite of mine, too! I use it a lot in my Swedish Grandmother’s recipes. πŸ™‚

    I’m right there with you – I used to be extra click-happy, but haven’t been doing as much the last couple of years… I think I need to join you in picking up my Nikon picture taker and get click-happy again!

    Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


    1. Hello Stacy! So nice to meet you! Hmmm, you make Nisu… how close are you to MissouREE??? If you find the “click happy again” solution give me the heads up, please. Enjoy your weekend, too. And thank you for your visit!


    1. I am checking out some cookies. I haven’t ever made the Nisu, I ain’t crazy. A very nice friend sends a loaf here and there. The Mama makes a stollen that has cardamon in it. I should google to see if there is a 4 oh clock cocktail that is made with it!

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  6. Ginger? I love ginger in juices, and with sushi & sashimi. Yum. There are so many spices, though that there is plenty to choose what you like. The bread sounds wonderful, as does the food list above!
    I need a new camera. My Nikon is really bad. I want a Canon automatic focus of some small kind. I am very simple and basic. I am so glad you are part of the Friendly Fill-Ins. Thank you. HUGS!


    1. I had a small Canon point and shoot but it didn’t have a view finder and that drove me crazy… I gave it to a friend. I love the Friendly Fill-ins… they got me unstuck… πŸ˜€ Thank you, Annie!


  7. I hope you know that you just made me very hungry. haha Those things sound really yummy! I have Irish Soda Bread warming in the oven right now and can’t wait to try that. I bet your Nisu is great, too. πŸ™‚

    I hope that you get motivated to pick up your camera soon. It is great fun to go on adventures with our cameras. Have a blessed weekend!


      1. You’re welcome on all counts. πŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing your photos. Seeing what other people are doing helps to encourage me to keep trying with my own photography.
        I wasn’t disappointed with the Irish Soda Bread. We’ll have to have it more often. πŸ™‚
        Have a blessed weekend.


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