Welcome Little Teddy Kimmell!

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So happy Angel Sammy found you for your Mom and Dad, Teddy! You are in the most wonderful home with two people that love you and you are so special to them. Especially loved forever just like your big brother Angel Sammy who will lovingly and delightfully guide you through all things cat. All of blogland welcomes you with an open heart. Click on the badge to take you to the blog hop and just scroll down to see other posts welcoming Teddy!

What greater gift than the love of a cat?” …Charles Dickens

45 thoughts on “Welcome Little Teddy Kimmell!

    1. Hello… I didn’t think anyBODY would be up and I wasn’t sure it would work… 😀 Thanks for the visit and isn’t it wonderful to have Teddy AND Phenny?…. A gazillion days would be the bestest!


  1. Oh your smilebox welcome collage is WONDERFUL Miss Pix! Thank you from the bottom of my ginger kitten heart! This is going to be a BIG DAY for me – I’m sure I’ll need a nap after this!

    Baby Hugs, Teddy


  2. There are so many people (and their pets!) who are very happy that Angel Sammy sent little Teddy to Pam and Dave!
    I’m glad you participated in the blog hop, Pix; always happy to see a post from you! Our “Motor Family” welcome to Teddy will be posted tomorrow.


  3. A smilebox and a quote from Mr Dickens‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Now that is welcome fit for a new Ginger boy!
    Bravo Miss Pix. Love that party in your head too
    Madi and mom


    1. Haha, such an honor to be recognized as having a party in my head by the queen of parties in her head! I learned a lot from you! So happy to participate in the blog hop for little Teddy that originated in the party in your head!


    1. Thank you for the kind words about the Oaks and my blog. We love our Oaks, I am a tree hugger! I don’t know much about Cat Scouts other than the cats and their peeps that participate seem to have a wonderful time. I couldn’t come to Cat Scouts, we don’t have a kitty right now and I assume you have to have a cat… 😀 Our Z Cat passed away too soon in 2009 when she was 8. Thanks for the visit Scout Shoko!
      *Such beautiful and handsome cats you have.


      1. You’re right Cat Scouts won’t have you without a cat. That’s their only stipulation. It is fun with merit badges for doing certain positions etc. One position is the meatloaf. One takes a picture of their cat with all paws tucked in…you get the idea. We do love your Oaks and think they’d be wonderful for shade in the summer.


        1. I think it would be fun. I have heard Angel Sammy and Pam talk about it a lot. I remember the cardboard box racers. We will have a kitty again, I feel it… 🙂 I love it when they assume the loaf position! You are right, the Oaks are wonderful shade and they are very pretty in the fall. We are losing too many of them to the red oak borer.


    1. I have been following for a bit now Mr. Puddy and you always make me smile. You are such a character. I found you through Austin and Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by Under the Oaks and welcoming Teddy Kimmell!


  4. I love Cats. I have one female solid black named “Reboot”. As a kitten she always got behind the desk and would step on the power strip causing reboots of the computers here in my room. she will be 12 this year, She born on Halloween.


    1. Good Morning, Ron! Men who love cats are kind, good men. That has been my experience. I married a guy 43 years ago that loved cats and gave me a teeny gray tabby after we were engaged. Reboot… perfect! I enjoyed my quick visit to your blog and will be back to catch up and read your words. I read that you love photography… so do I.

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