Friendly Fill-ins!

I am going to participate in McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing’s blog hop, Friendly Fill-ins, which is done every Friday. I had already done the Fill-ins at Twospoiledcats blog’s comments but I was inspired by Angel Sammy to get off my PROcrastinating butt… er, derriere and get back to blogging. Also, have to thank Annie from McGuffy’s Reader for reaching out to me way back and gently nudging me to start blogging again… thank you, Annie. Annie’s first name really is McGuffy… how cool is that?

So, here I go!
1. Snow is something that MissouREE has seen hardly any of this winter and we are not bothered by that!
2. My favorite kind of soup is my homemade Vegetable Beef and CH’s homemade Potato… mine is better.
3. When no one is around, I sing and dance to the oldies station in my boxers and my bunny slippers. You might not want to work too hard on that vision.
4. Z Cat is my heart cat, the bestest girl. I still miss her and think of her every day. Did I mention she was The BEST Girl?

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41 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins!

    1. Thanks Carol… I hope I can stay with it. I understand about it being harder to blog now that you are semi-retired. Blogging takes up a lot of time and there is just a whole lot of life to live out there! Thanks for not forgetting me!


  1. hugs to you… it heals a little but we miss our beloved furkids… every day.

    I like it to sing and to dance to the weirdest music… I often do it while drying my hair so no one can hear my horrible singing…lOL


  2. Oh, Pix! I am so honoured and happy to see you here! Thank you for joining us!☺
    The soups sound good and hearty! Yum.
    We have not had much snow, either!
    It is funny to inagine you dancing in bunny slippers! πŸ˜‰
    I understand. Each time we lose a pet, I have a criiter shaped hole in my heart. I try to fill it with memories. I love each one. I never get over the losses. My Maisie was amazing. ❀
    Hugs, my friend!


  3. Oh Pix I can’t tell you how many this makes me……truly……Angel Sammy is smiling BIG too! I’m glad you are going to give blogging a try again because WE ALL MISS YOU. The Tiny Ten is such a beautiful place to be inspired by nature; just take a deep breath, sip your glass of wine, and smile. I know you miss Z Cat – I’m sure she and Sammy are friends now…..just like you and I will be – FOREVER!

    Hugs and love, Pam


  4. I wish I had a LOVE button for this, Pix! It is so wonderful to see you blogging again….I hope that will become a trend??!! Your fill-ins are great. Your Z Cat was beautiful; your kitty soul-mate, as Beezy was mine. Have a GREAT weekend!


  5. Awww! As the others have said, it’s lovely to see you’re blogging again! I am only hoping that sometime soon I will get my mojo back!! OK, so here’s the thing, here in the U.K. boxers are men’s errr underpants and what a picture that paints! Trying hard not to dwell on that lolol. And when the mood takes me I do a jig to some old song from way back, just to relive the moment!! xx


    1. Yeah, boxers are the same thing here but they look like shorts. I mean, I wouldn’t wear them out. I have gotten the mail in them. Dancing was a popular fill-in. I don’t think my mojo is back… I will have to see. I don’t have a lot to blog about and I got tired of clicking pictures. Maybe a new camera will be the ticket for you!

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  6. YAY! I am so happy you made a post for the fill-ins. πŸ™‚ Great answers too! I wish I could send you some snow, but I shouldn’t complain, it all arrived in one week and will be all melted in a few days. I bet your soup is really good. Z cat was beautiful, I wish kitties lived longer. Have a nice weekend! XO


    1. The soup is really good! Z was the sweetest cat…. all she wanted was to please us and be near us. She was funny, too. I miss her. We lost her to the wet form of FIP when she was 8. I think the Fill-ins brought me out of my funk. They are fun and easy to do without any rules and regulations to slow you down. I enjoy them! Thank you! You have a great weekend too!


  7. So sorry about Z Cat. It’s hard to lose a beloved pet. I was happy to see your blog post turn up in my I box. I have been missing for a while…Rubbish by Roan. I was having some personal problems with a combination of blogger burnout. I’ve since retired and am happy, so enjoying blogging on a limited basis again.

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    1. Oh My Gosh! I am so happy to hear from you and glad that you are blogging. I understand the blogger burnout. I still am not sure about blogging, but I know that I have missed it. It just seems to me like blogging in general has run out of steam. I had lost all desire to take pictures too which didn’t help and I am still not interested in picking up my camera. I am glad you are retired and happy! I am going to visit you as soon as I hit approve. Thank you for the kind words about Z. We lost her in 2009, so it has been awhile but we miss her like it was yesterday. Okay, heading over to your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


      1. I saw your comment on Kate’s post: “I will say that our week was very interesting in more ways than one and life got a whole lot better around here… that’s my story and I am sticking to it!”

        I’m guessing it has something to do with positive changes in the neighborhood. So . . . YAY!


  8. I apologize for being so neglectful! I needed a blogging break to catch up on some things around the house, try some new activities, and get in all those steps every day. I’m still failing miserably at all of it, but I’m trying to find some semblance of order. Your Z kitty reminds me of some of the ones I had growing up. They do each have their own personalities. One spent his days in the kitchen window over Mom’s sink (outside). He’d sit beside me, but he was never a lap kitty. Of course, the lap was always full, because some of them just are.


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