Lighting A Candle For Easy


This is a tribute to a silver misty gray weimaraner named Easy. He was the sweetest, funniest pup I have ever known. He went over the Rainbow Bridge too soon and left us all incredibly heartbroken. This candle today is a heartfelt way to tell his Mom and Dad how much we loved Easy and love them too.
Easy was a blogging pup and his blog was a source of joy, love, and compassion. I read his blog every day and there were many days he made a bad day change to good just by the words he wrote… with help from his Mom.

This candle brings with it a “Welcome Home” for Easy. A lighting the way for his return to his home and his Mom and Dad. Easy will forever be in their hearts and also in mine and all the people who loved this bigger than life pup named Easy Rider.

I am linking this post to Dory’s Backyard where you can read other tributes to Easy.

28 thoughts on “Lighting A Candle For Easy

    1. He was special, Katty. He will forever be in our hearts. I think of him and now I smile, tears sometimes too, but good memories are there too. Hugs to you and give Mr. Phenny Pup a good head rub for me.


  1. Pix,
    What a lovely tribute to Easy….he had a heart the size of Texas and Alaska combined. Purrs and hugs to all who lost loved ones 2 and 4 legged.
    Hugs madi your bfff


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