Good Fences #45

DSC_2503 - Copy
Love this small beach in Venice, Florida… a hidden gem. Private covered areas each with a picnic table and little deck and this boardwalk on a primitive stretch of beach leading out to the Gulf of Mexico. We just found this area after going to Venice since 1995. Such a nice surprise! I saw the boardwalk fence and immediately thought of you Tex and Good Fences! It is called Service Club Park but I call it an oasis. Lovely it was there. And quiet. We took Tavern Ham sandwiches, redskin potato salad, a bottle of Missouri sweet wine (shhh, quiet about the wine) and a slice of key lime pie and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. You didn’t think I was going to leave FOOD out of this post?

Joining Tex at Good Fences this Thursday!

67 thoughts on “Good Fences #45

  1. Beautiful spot…..and that picnic lunch sounds SO divine….you and CH really knew how to “chill out” while you were there didn’t you! I never saw Venice (in Florida that is) – we lived in Clearwater in the 70s……Bet it felt great to be WARM in winter!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. It did feel nice to be warm. A cold front followed us down from Missouri though and it was a bit chilly. Sunny though and warmed up during the day. We try to make every minute count when we are there! I haven’t ever been to the “other” Venice!


  2. It was a most wonderful, special spot to spend some time with my most wonderful Pix (Under the Palms!). Can’t wait till next year – I think we may have to stay for a while longer, our special spots are growing….


  3. What a fascinating photo, the lines of the fences and shadows and than the trees and blue sky. very, very beautiful. I would have been disappointed if you would have left the food out. I won’t tell about the wine…but sweet white wine should always be in a picnic basket..right? Have a lovely weekend! Johanna


  4. oh that looks so wonderfully sunny! it was foggy here this morning. the fog is gone, and the sky is still grey, but i think the sun is being feisty today and trying to get a word in edgewise. go sun, go!
    i have to admit i have never tried key lime pie. but it seems to me i need to do something about that πŸ™‚


  5. Cool shot of the fencery! I wish I was at that beach spot today! We have an inch or so of snow and it’s cold. Did you get the snow, too? I can’t believe they called off school around here, the roads are fine. But maybe not so early this morning!
    I’m back from blog break. I’ve missed everyone and now will try to catch up on what’s been happening! Stay warm, Pix!


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