Sunday Snow

DSC_2466 - Copy
Winter arrived and teased the Tiny Ten.

Tiny Ten ~ acres.

72 thoughts on “Sunday Snow

      1. I just always ask the people I follow here and there now in case I might be missing their Instagram pictures. I am slow getting started on mine but I enjoy it.. it’s fast, easy, and fun.
        A very Happy Thanksgiving to you!


    1. Good Morning Tex! Yes, we still have Bradford Pears that have green leaves and the burning bushes in the picture of course are still dressed. So glad you had snow.. moisture is moisture and snow is a pretty way to get it!


    1. Hi Tammy! I stayed cozy yesterday but CH had to drive The Mama to his Uncles funeral in Trenton yesterday. They said it was windy and COLD! 9 degrees here this morning!! I am not ready for this! Hope all is well “up north”!


  1. Oh Pix – fabulous photos – the header AND the snowy yard…..I love how QUIET it gets when it snows……but driving in it no thanks. One really grand thing about being retired is you don’t HAVE to! The Tiny Ten looks peaceful – quiet – and COLD!

    Sending WARM hugs,
    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Hi Pix! A skiff of snow is about all I care to see anymore. lol! And I don’t even want to mention that “I” word! We actually missed the snow you got this time. We had a few flurries, but it didn’t stick. Your Tiny Ten looks cold, but pretty. I can’t deny the fact that snow does make for beautiful photos! Just hoping we don’t have very many snowy photo ops this winter! 🙂 Good to see you…take care!


  3. how pretty is that view, Pix! love it. i will not be sad if we have no snow this winter, though. yet every time i see an image like this – it looks so magical. what’s not to love! thanks for sharing.


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