Good Fences #18

DSC_2232 - Copy
Have to keep that bottle of Himmelswein from getting away!

Joining Tex’s Good Fences! Yeah I know I am late.. 🙂

54 thoughts on “Good Fences #18

    1. I am happy! I was going to get posted to your Thursday Good Fences somehow someway today! Thanks Tex! If I just get your comment on this, I will be a happy peep. Of course I would like to see some more comments.. 😀 Party in the comments.. !


      1. It is a long but simple list indeed Pix 🙂 Doc is fine today..i think he is talking to me 😉 Pickles is the next cab off the by one…we face the vets…hahaah 🙂 loves Bev xxx


        1. I needed a Valium to get the Z Cat to the vet and after I got her home I needed a glass of wine.
          Buckle up.. whiplash kind of change of subject… do you think your eyes could be bothering you from the dryness of winter, the wonderful warming fire, and the 4 million things you try to do every day? Is it time for you to good night?


          1. Hahahaha always a joy the vet trip! my eyes are because of an auto immune disease that has come about from already having’s called Srjogrens..lucky me I am waiting on a letter from the hospital to see another Rheumatologist..just the luck of the draw my sweets auto immune issues abound in our family…I would have prefered to inherit art..bwahahhaha xxx


    1. Ha ha Patti! It was a rough day! Couldn’t find a place to sit with our bottle of wine what with all the old peeps just like us! Now I know what retired people do during the week! They go on daytrips or overnights and take pictures and maybe enjoy some wine overlooking wine country.


  1. 😃 Got a big chuckle out of needing a Valium to get the cat to the vet! hahahahaha! When I moved here I had to fly with Clarisse in a softsided pet carrier the airline makes you shove under the seat…the vet had given me a prescription for two valiums and told me “one for her and one for you!”
    hahahahaha He was such a kindly man..and boy did he understand how STRESSFUL it would be for both of us!!!!


    1. Thanks Isobel.. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not so good thing.. 😀 I just tweaked the original in Pixlr with a filter, an overlay, and a grunge frame. Loved your collage today. I am going to try a fig when we go food shopping!


  2. Great photo and gosh that wine has a lovely color! Himmelswein….hmm…..sounds lot like KIMMELLswein don’t you think? Purhaps you should send me a few bottle of that stuff……David and I are lately enjoying a “happy hour” on our front porch in the evening before dinner with a glass of “wein”……nice end to the day. Wish I’d thought of valium when I took Sam to the vet last week – or even a few glasses of wine…..what am I thinking?!?!?!?!
    Hugs, Pam


    1. Sounds especially nice to me, the drinks on the deck and a game of backgammon! Thank you for the “follow”. I have been following and lurking at your blog for quite some time.. 🙂 Love visiting you. I learn a thing or two about clicking my camera from you! So enjoy your beautiful pictures.


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