007 - CopyI was feeling a bit befuddle-muddled and melancholy this morning and an email notification showed up that Terri from Coloring Outside the Lines blog had posted so I clicked right over. Do click over and visit her. She has a vibrant Bluebird snap, she talks of Spring, and she has a tune that will make you want to dance. Her post will make you smile this morning! So ready for this view from my dining room window!

Good Morning!

41 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. I love the view from your dining room window —-at least this one! Our snow is melting and now we are in the slushy gross melting snow stage but I won’t complain. It is going to take a long time for it to all disappear so I will just have to endure it until it is all gone. 🙂


  2. Nothing like a Happy song to lift our mood! “Like a house without a roof!” I saw that song performed at the Oscars, but the video was funnier with all the fun and funky dancers.


  3. Great song for a HAPPY day…….so glad you sent us there to hear it! That view out your dining room is snow-free you lucky girl you….we’re still bothered by piles of white BUT there is some grass peeping through finally in patches hit by the sun. It’s a gorgeous day here though – temps going up to the low 60s so Spring really IS making the effort! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam of course)


    1. Good Morning Dianna! That photo is driving me to distraction cause my photos are loading to WP blurry but when you click on the photo to enlarge they are fine.. arrgh. Hope you had fun antiquing yesterday!


  4. Still suffering the cold but it was 50 or so on Friday and the snow is beginning to give way. However, I have given up all expectations and just take it day by day. Very hopeful picture. I will have to click over and visit your friend.


  5. Mom is eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘her’ humming birds. Yes she is crazy she thinks they are hers and they only partake of her offerings. Happy Mom happy Madi so I won’t tell her I’ve seen them head to the neighbors too. Heading to Terri’s
    Hugs madi and the clueless Mom


    1. Happy Mom happy Madi.. 😀 CH loves “his” hummingbirds too! He thinks he’s the only person in the house that can make their special sugar water. We won’t see “his” hummers until mid-April. I think it is an incredible journey they make for migration!


  6. Glad to hear you are happy, and hoping this news will make you even happier. We saw Trevor this afternoon. My friend Octavia and I were out and about. It far from the Cattery and they said we could visit. He looked amazing. Healthy, confident, happy. He had been given free run of the garden today and had had been fine with most of the other cats, though pinned one under the hedge…


    1. Aww sweet Trevor. He sounds happy where he is but he needs a home where someone can let him snooze on their bed and play with him and he needs a person and a family. Maybe that will happen soon. Thanks for the update Isobel!


  7. Now that is weird!!! I just clicked on the link and was looking at the beautiful bluebird when I could hear from another part of my house someone singing “There’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover” (famous wartime song). I went all hot and cold! Spooky or what!!!


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