What’s Outside YOUR Window?

I follow Beth Ann’s blog It’s Just Life. I love Beth Ann’s humor, her generousity and positivity.. oh I just get a kick out of her! This morning she has a post, “What’s Outside YOUR Window?” she borrowed from another blogger, Dawn at Change is Hard. Beth Ann’s post is how I find Change is Hard and the post that started “What’s Outside Your Window?” with just a click. That’s how cool blogging is isn’t it? We find each other with just the thoughtful action from someone urging us to click to another blog they find makes them smile. And then we smile too or feel the motivation to get our PROcrastinating self off the couch, fumble for our glasses that we are sitting on and go click the camera EARLY in the morning with a beach towel wrapped around our waist with our chicken legs dressed in white droopin’ socks, feets stuck into slipper Crocs and a worn out burgandy hoodie on to keep us warm. I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

DSC_1817 - CopySo I decided to join Beth Ann and Dawn and this is what I saw out our family room window this morning after I read Beth Ann’s post. Thank you Beth and Dawn, I love this post idea and I hope it becomes a regular thing!

*Yes I had to go outside and snap the picture standing in front of the family room window because my window was too dang dirty.

**I have lost comments!