Wordless Wednesday.. um.. Wordy Wednesday?

DSC_0013 - Copy
Last week Patti from A New Day Dawns posted a picture of a Song Sparrow checking out a layer of ice on their birdbath. Patti mentioned in comments that she had seen a Cardinal skating on the ice! Well I just had to tell her I had a picture of a girlie Cardinal skating on ice. So here she is!
The Dorothy Hamill of the bird world!

51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday.. um.. Wordy Wednesday?

    1. Cwap! I forgot.. 🙂 We are so befuddled here. I am going to be late with your Christmas package and card too! Forgive me.. 😀 I am so behind, bah. Maybe you will have a New Year’s package!!!! CH says he will type it out today. I will email!


  1. You got a great shot!!
    Yesterday i heard a parrot in my yard…yes a parrot!! I went out to investigate, saw it twice but could NOT get a picture of it! Occasionally we run across them but usually beachside (I’m on the other part of town across the bridge on the mainland) If he’s still around today I hope to get a pic!


  2. Dorothy is lovely in her red skating outfit! I love it – I bet you she’s ENJOYING that too…..obviously she would have flown off if she wasn’t!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sammy)
    P.S. Header is beautiful!


  3. I’m glad you got a picture of your little skater. She’s so pretty. And talented! Nice header image, too. You’ve really captured the holiday spirit with warmth and lighting.


  4. Sweetest pic ever!! So.. what do you think about this snow? We have 4 or 5 inches in our neck of the woods, with a nice sneaky layer of ice underneath. But, I have to say, it IS beautiful! Pix, you and yours have a great weekend and be safe out there!


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