Hello. Fall is Here at the Tiny Ten. I am Happy.

DSC_0741 - Copy
The Oaks and Burning Bushes have put on their Fall dress.
I think I am back.
My clickin’ finger is working.
Wishes to you for a Festive Fall.
If you wish, click for a larger photo.

53 thoughts on “Hello. Fall is Here at the Tiny Ten. I am Happy.

    1. Me too Nancy. I lost it. I almost emailed you last night about a concept that someone proposed to me yesterday. It befuddled me. I wanted your take on it but I think I already knew what you would say after reading a few posts this morning.


  1. Pix, WOW that is a great photo. All the different colors! We have a burning bush in the backyard. They are so beautiful. Happy you’re back honey!


  2. SO! SO! SO! Happy to see you back and that photo is amazing ♥♥♥♥♥ You have been missed my friend and I have loved each and every little comment you have left on my blogs ♥♥♥♥♥


  3. Hi, Pix! It was good to see you in my blogroll when I turned off the Game and turned on the ‘puter. (I couldn’t watch anymore.) Your photo is beautiful! I’m glad you are happy and posting again. Enjoy this wonderful Fall!


    1. Good Morning Cheryl! What happened to the Cards? They went to the World Series and fell apart! I think the Red Sox had too much emotional momentum and they just played better than we did. Thanks on the photo. My camera was set on vivid and I hit the saturation button a bit but the burning bushes were truly that brilliant. We have some in the bed by the shop that are even more colorful but the rain is going to do them in. I am so happy over all this rain!!! I miss you. Is your break over. I will check my Feedly! Hope you are enjoying your time off and getting things done.


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