Hibiscuits and a Little Extra Gravy

DSC_1602 - Copy (2)

 For Laurel with Thanks…

DSC_1606 - Copy A June Flower Fiesta

DSC_1611 - Copy Our little bit of June sky on the Tiny Ten under the canopy of the Oaks and Hickory trees. Such a sweet peek.

59 thoughts on “Hibiscuits and a Little Extra Gravy

    1. Good Morning Laurel! Yep, gravy on every little thing and just looking at that little pot of gravy I just knew Big Mister made awesome gravy.. 🙂

      I think the “storms” have cleared a bit.. 🙂
      We did have storms all around us but not a drop of rain for us!


      1. Good morning! He *loves* biscuits and gravy (me not so much), but I always eat his gravy on turkey.

        So pleased the storms have cleared somewhat. Whew. A breather. A big ole raincloud hangin’ around obscures every little thing!

        This year that’s good that you didn’t have rain, huh? Last year, you would have sold your dog for a drop.

        Lots of folks are enjoying your hibiscuits, girl. That color and texture is spectacular. Plus, seeing that bit of tended yard on the Tiny Ten is restful to the eye….


  1. When I asked a neighbor what kind of plant had that huge flower on it, he replied, “Hibiscus.” He had to think a minute, but then told me if he thought of biscuits, it helped him remember the flower name. Very pretty! I like the trees and the peek at the sky over the Tiny Ten.


    1. CH could never remember the name and he is the one that takes care of them and tells me what they are doing every day so that is exactly what I told him two years ago to remember them. They go by no other name now.. 😀
      Good Morning!


  2. The Tiny Ten must be gorgeous this time of year……we love hibiscuits (!) but can’t seem to get them to go in my shady garden…..sniff sniff….but they are so booooootiful!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam (and Mom too!)


  3. Oh so pretty. Waiting on my own hibiscus to bloom. I’ve missed your blog and missed you too. I closed up The Old Weather Vane, but couldn’t stay away so I’m back with a new blog. So good to see you again.


    1. OhMyGosh Rae!!!! I am so happy to see you. You don’t know how many times I have thought about you. I think you have been suggested as a friend on The Book of Face but I didn’t want to bother you. I have been thinking about shutting down my blog, no motivation and feel like I have lost my funny AND stopping Facebook. But it is hard, so many good lovely funny people. Welcome back Rae I have missed you and your wonderful sense of humor!!!! I am heading for your blog…………..


  4. So beautiful! I’ve never heard hibiscus referred to as hibiscuits (but I must admit, it will now help me remember the name). You probably remember my post from a couple of years ago where I shared that my mother always said “high-geranium” for hydrangea. I think she truly thought that was the name….. (smile….)
    Have a good day, Pix!


  5. gorgeous photos-I always enjoy reading your posts-just so ya know I can’t comment on your blog since I am not a member of word press Kathy


    1. But Kathy your comment is on my blog and I am happy to see you! I have to add you to my Feedly reader because blogger’s google reader doesn’t work for me anymore.. 🙂 Enjoy our fine hot weather today!!!


  6. Very pretty!!! My Hibiscus are not blooming yet…but very soon 🙂 We did get the storms and the wind knocked down most of my garlic and potato plants 😦 We were not a home and had left the dog outside….he was so freaked out that her tore the trim off the double door joint trying to get into the basement. Feel sorry for him…but not happy with him at all right now!


    1. I hate that the storms damaged your plants and freaked your dog out but I envy the rain. Rain has been dancing all around us again and we are dry. We are all going to get a big nice cool down in a couple of days~fingers crossed. You have your hibiscus to look forward to.. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Carol!


  7. Hi Pix! Good to see you! I was beginning to be a little skeered that you were leaving blogland. And if you did, it’s certainly none of my business….but we miss you when you aren’t here!! All that said, to say that I think of leaving sometimes myself, especially this time of year. It’s so time consuming, but I’d sure miss it. Guess I’ll just take more frequent breaks and hope that helps. I do love my blogging friends and seeing what they are up to!

    How are you liking this MissouREE heat?? Me, not so much. We went away for a few days and good golly, Miss Molly, was it ever hot there! We didn’t go to some of the places that we wanted to because of the HEAT!

    Love your photos. Your ‘hibiscuit’ is beautiful and I love your garden spot…it’s gorgeous!

    Have a nice week!


    1. Good Morning Cheryl! I was contemplating leaving blogland. I have been thinking about giving up blogging since I first started blogging.. 😀 It is a love/hate thing. I understand your thought of leaving here and there. It is the kind good people that keep me hanging in. Blogging friends are very good people. Thanks for missing me, it is nice to be missed. I would hate it if you stopped blogging!

      I am not enjoying the MissouREE heat and am not a fan of summer. I am ready for Fall. I also do not want a repeat of drought like last summer. I hear we are going to get a cool down!!!!!!!!!!

      Nice to see you Cheryl!!


    1. The quicker the summer goes by the happier I will be! I am not a happy summer person, give me Fall.. 😀 I do hope you are having a great summer. Hope you are enjoying your short blog break. Take care Margie!!!


  8. Hey Pix. I tried to comment a couple of times but it keeps asking for a word press password which has never happened before. Anywhoo, the pics are gorgeous and I love the hibiscus. The color is amazing. I am quite ashamed of my flower beds this year. I have fallen behind on weeding. Hugs to you and I hope you are doing well.


    1. Hi Christina! I checked my comment moderation because WordPress is always tinkering with something. I don’t have any restictions set on comments other than people who comment should have a name and email address. First comment is always held for moderation and I think because of your e-mail change that is why you were saved for me to moderate. Sorry it was/is difficult to comment. Each time someBODY signs in with a different name, e-mail or something different WordPress holds it for moderation. I have no idea about the password thing unless you had a Worpress account/blog. Hope all is good with you too. We are still standing, CH has had a few health challenges and hurts but we are getting it together.. 🙂 We are way behind in yard work! Hugs back at you!!!


  9. To move from a close-up of a blossom to the distant sky. To move from the brightness of colours below to the hesitation of the shaded clouds so far above? Do you see a poet emerging in you?



    1. Hello Shakti! I have seen your comments from IsobelandCat’s blog. Thank you for visiting here Under the Oaks. No I don’t see any poet emerging in me.. 🙂 I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination. I think you are the poet and the one with the beautiful words! I just like to snap pictures of things that make my heart happy.


    1. Thank you for the visit Willow. I believe I visited your Blogger blog. Lovely blog. I enjoyed the chickens AND I have that same chicken and baby chick that you have in your picture of your garden for your header! Rocker too.. 🙂


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