Auction Time!

Sam(and Pam) I hope you don’t mind I did a reblog on your post today. So much good news! The Auction for Leo the Kitty to help with his vet bills, your Mom’s book being republished for Kindle, Eddy, Freddy the Frog, AND the Tuesday Teaser! I couldn’t have said it better and it would have taken me forever to get a post up so thank you letting me reblog..

Link to Auction for Leo the Kitty’s vet bills

Link to info about Leo the Kitty

TWO Spoiled Cats

Hi Everyone!  So today is finally the day of the big auction for Leo on Mollie’s blog.  I do hope you’ll stop by and maybe bid on something – remember that all proceeds are going to benefit Savannah’s friend Leo who is piling up a lot of medical bills to treat his Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome.I’m going over as soon as my Mom gets up this morning – after all, she’s the one with the money – I do have a little change in my kitty bank but Mom’s got that paper stuff along with some plastic stuff so she’s got me beat!  If you click on Leo’s picture below, you can go directly to Mollie’s!

Yesterday we had a super lazy day around here……… was raining off and on and when it’s like that – there’s not a whole lot we can do to keep ourselves entertained.  I was napping…

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19 thoughts on “Auction Time!

    1. It is so cool Stella! You did a wonderful job and Leo is such a lucky kitty to have all this love and help. Such fun items people donated. If there is something I can do after the auction that I don’t get befuddled over or screw up, let me know.. 🙂 M’wah!!!!


  1. you are so very very kind to do this for our precious Leo. Dad just called Mom and Leo still not eating as of Monday. Dad will go do his late afternoon feeding today and then we will have an update tomorrow from our/his vet. The vet is off today, Monday. We are incredibly humbled by the kindness Blogville is showing our Leo. paw pats, Savannah


    1. We all just want Leo to be a healthy cat. He is a brave boy with such a sweet face. Where would he be without you and your husband? You two are the ones with kind hearts and Stella and Pam and all the people that donated for the auction and the people I don’t even know that are behind the scenes doing what they can. I just reblogged. And I am hoping with all my heart that this is a happy ending. It IS going to be a happy ending! I am sending you all hugs and hopes for the very best!


  2. Hi there Pix, this is Caro from CATachresis blog. Many congrats, you’ve won the little bone china pot in Mollie and Alfie’s auction! 🙂 Can you email me at cjretallick @ gmail . com with your address? Thanks 🙂


  3. On an unrelated note: Tonight’s the night! (Last night too):

    BFF and I just enjoyed a peek at the Planetary Triple of Venus (bottom), Jupiter (left) and Mercury (right) in the night sky just past sunset. We’re going to head out again in a few minutes when the sky is a tad darker.

    You should be able to view it tonight and tomorrow at sunset (if clouds don’t get in the way).


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