A Sunday Visitor Under the Oaks

DSC_2458 - Copy
I think we will keep him. I know he is scouting out mice by the workshop. My snap does not do him justice. Such a magnificent bird!

52 thoughts on “A Sunday Visitor Under the Oaks

  1. Oh I just love owls…..their faces are fabulous and so expressive aren’t they – especially those EYES! I can hear them at night in our woods….once in a while I see them sitting and watching for voles or chipmunks. Nice visitor – can’t say that I blame you for wanting to keep him (or her).



    1. We know we have a family but we have not seen them that close to the house. I love hearing them. I just don’t want them snacking on our baby birds we have all over the yard 😯 He can have the mice and the voles and those ding dang MOLES!!!!


        1. He was puffed out and eyes at half mast. But he has sat in the trees behind and searched out mice. He seemed to swivel that beautiful head quick enough to check on the back pasture activity. CH said his lift-off was strong.. 🙂 You know we will be watching him. We have a Wild Bird Sanctuary to contact if we see he is in real trouble. I wonder if he has a young family right now?


  2. That’s a beautiful photo – I, too, was wondering about seeing him in the daytime. I’m sure you’ll keep an eye out for him (hope he leaves your baby birds alone). I’ve found broken robins’ eggs twice in the past week or so….


    1. We have had a Jay kill a nest of baby Robins. Sad. I was shocked. Came back three times even though we tried to watch. On a lighter note we have 5 baby Bluebirds thriving.. 🙂 And a house full of baby chickadeedees!


    1. I dunno maybe need some help on that. I think Christina in her comment called him the Wise One.. 🙂 Hugs back at you, glad to hear from you. Was wondering what the ding dang hecks you were doing????????


  3. oh, what a beautiful bird – and a great click. no apology needed for this one!
    haven’t seen any owls in the wild here – except on others’ cameras. something to work on 🙂


  4. Now this did my ol’ heart a lot of good! I miss “our” screech owls – haven’t heard any yet this summer 😦 This picture is wonderful-magical-perfect, and you are very blessed! I’ve been away much too long…


    1. Good Morning Tammy! You must have a post up.. 🙂 Ima have to go check! I haven’t been blogging much either. I am addicted to Foster Dad John’s Live Stream of foster kittens and the Book of Face has sucked me in. I saw one of the owls grab something Wednesday afternoon. I wonder if they are feeding babies. I am always so shocked to see them in the daylight hours.


  5. Wow! Love that owl picture! I hope you can see him/her again soon! They are very elusive indeed.
    I think it’s very difficult to take picture of birds, because they don’t still…
    Thanks for let me know about that post! 🙂


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