Good and Not So Good News

Isobel is trying to find a home for the Ginger boy she saved from the streets. AnyBODY in the London England area or someone that would not mind a road trip that could give him a loving home? A farm would be a great place for him.

Photo taken by Isobel.

* Seems the Ginger Boy will be quite happy and good in a regular home. He has settled down nicely and would do fine in a happy home of his own. Not looking for only a farm. I personally would like to see him in a cozy home purring on a comfy lap or snuggling by a fire. Not to confuse anyBODY here, I reblogged this from Isobel’s blog and she lives across the pond in England. I was hoping some of my readers from the UK might be able to help!

Isobel (and Cat)'s Blog

If you read this blog at all regularly, you’ll know that the last couple of weeks catching a local stray who has been making a nuisance of himself, and looking a sorry state, has been high on my agenda.
So you’ll understand that last night I rewarded myself with a large glass of red wine. Ginger (his screen name) was safely delivered to the cattery where they run a small cat rescue charity on the side.
Just before eight this morning I got a call from Chris. Ginger had slept well, eaten a hearty meal, and was set for a visit to the vet. She promised I would be called later.

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25 thoughts on “Good and Not So Good News

    1. Me too Dianna. His options are limited and time is a factor. I think you are right about life being confusing to kitties. But they innocently accept what life throws at them. Hopefully every kitty will have a kind person that steps up and gives him or her a life that is respected.


  1. I’ve of course been following along with you Pix the “story of Ginger”……he’s been hanging around Isobel’s and MasterB for so long I almost feel like he’s hers (!!) but I think it’s just lovely that she’s been able to capture him, get him fixed, get him fixed UP as well with the check-up – now somebody in London can step up and take him on…..I’d love to see him have the ability to wander at will on a farm but who knows – maybe being fixed means he might settle down and be perfectly happy as a big fat couch kitty! Let’s keep our fingers crossed………



  2. News, a farm is not the only option! He has proved himself in twenty four hours to be a sweet boy, so a normal home is what we are looking for now. But he may still be very wary of cat baskets!


    1. I just figured out how to do that reblog thing. I mean I know you just hit a button but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I swear I am such a quivering puddle of “what’s going to happen if…” on all things WordPress.. 🙂 Hopefully Ginger will get a wonderful home.


    1. Me too Hilary! He deserves a home. They all do. Hey! I always read Beth Ann’s Fill In Friday from your blog. I am always tempted to do it.. 🙂 Maybe I need to give it a whirl! Thanks for the visit to my blog and the follow on Tweetin’ Twitter!


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