A Kitty and a Bunny Come From Across the Pond!

DSC_1405 - Copy

A big huge thank you to Stella! This is our late great Z Cat that she cartooned on a mouse pad. She does it from her store on her blog Mollie and Alfie. I think it is so dang cute. We will be putting it on the wall or just setting it on the sun porch table! Stella you did great! A stand up happy tail, green eyes and her red brick nose!


And this little bunny timer was in the package! So cute!! Stella you are too funny.. 🙂 Thank you so much. We are getting a kick out of him. Hey, he needs a name!

47 thoughts on “A Kitty and a Bunny Come From Across the Pond!

  1. Oh, what a sweet mouse pad. I’m thinking Sunday might need to order something from Mollie & Alfie! Cute timer, too. Let us know what name you decide on for him/her.


  2. So pleased you like the mat and the bunny timer.. I fink’z youz need’z to hold a competition..”Naming of the bunny”.. Or just call it’z Roger!!! BOL..You noze..Roger wabbit, Bawahahaawaa xx00xxx Gotta go before’z I’z get carried away’z…

    Mollie and Alfie


  3. Oh what a GREAT job Stella did on the mousepad with ZCat on it……love the ‘punkins too! The bunny timer is adorable – – – you have some great suggestions for names already – he’s so cute he certainly DOES deserve a name…..Mollie’s shop is fabulous – everything is so CUTE!

    Pam and Sam


    1. She did do a great job Pam. We love it, just makes us smile. We love the one of Sam too!! We used the bunny timer last night for pizza 😀 Hope the monster is back in the closet but it’s kind of early!!


  4. Hi Pix! The mouse pad is just the cutest thing! So is the timer. I’ll be checking out Mollie’s store!

    The sunshine is making me smile this morning, but it’s too darn cold! Crazy MissouREE weather. Have a fun Friday and weekend, too!


    1. I know! MissouREE is just a wacky weather place! I am loving seeing the sun and those beautiful after storm clouds this morning. Enjoy your weekend too Cheryl! Check out the kitty mats, I bet your kitties would love one!


          1. yes! (me especially! hee hee! I’m hilarious!) seriously, I’m pretty sure you’re invitin’ in what you like! and I’m very happy to hear of the reclaimed territory! Think how it would be for a certain CH to receive a special invitation to wine and crostini in his matching chair! <:-D


          2. 9/10 of the law is intention; therefore, you have reclaimed the room! hee hee! Ms. Super Rationalizer!

            It’s a mixed bag, girl, but I’m determined to keep my chin up.

            Hey, I don’t know what catawba is! I imagine fish. Bet I’m wrong.


  5. They are fabulous. I love Stella’s stuff. Hoping to be able to afford something from her soon. Please stop kicking the bunny though 😀
    PS – voting for Pixels ends at midnight (Fri 19th) – she’s dropped to 4th place (horror or horrors). If you know anyone who could vote for her, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.


    1. Took me a minute to figure out the “kicking the bunny” but the light bulb went off.. 😀 Susan we have voted for Miss Cutie Pixels every way we can! I will try to tap my sis-in-law! Such a good cause Susan!!!!


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