Pet Remembrance Day

3-3-2009 2;25;38 PM - CopyOur Z Cat
May 2001~January 2009

I am taking this Sunday again this year to remember this kitty. Not that I don’t think of her every single day several times each day. She is so missed. Our Z Cat, Country Cat, Fuzz Face, Fuzz Butt, Z Catter. And she isn’t the only pet we think about on Pet Remembrance Day. There are more loved kitties, four dogs, horses, two feathery funny cockatiels, a Green Cheek Conure Bud Bird and a few hamsters. So many that made our hearts lighter and taught us lessons about how to love and how to live. To live in the moment and live every moment with happiness. All my pets taught me about kindness. Last year’s Pet Remembrance post was inspired by Isobel at IsobelandCat’s blog. She had recently lost her cat Freddie and I thought her idea of Pet Remembrance Day was the sweetest thing to remember all our pets. Because it isn’t just my pets and CH’s pets we will be thinking about today, but the pets all over the world that have made their human’s life richer, filled with laughter, tears and the pure happiness of companionship. Z Cat you are tucked tightly in a very special place in my heart. I know you are there. I feel and see you every day. You came at a special time in my life and saved me in so many ways. Thank you.

So tonight CH and I will light candles and put them in the window and we will raise a glass of Missouri wine in the happy remembrance of all the pets that found their way into hearts all over the world and made us better people and taught us about love and respect and dignity till the end. And we will celebrate the pets that are living and filling hearts with their sweet companionship.

Dianna and Beezy at These Days of Mine
Pam at One Spoiled Cat
Isobel’s Remembrance at IsobelandCat
Lorely at Writing From the Edge

48 thoughts on “Pet Remembrance Day

  1. Aw….this line especially “got to me”: Z Cat you are tucked tightly in a very special place in my heart.
    Yes, that’s the same with my sweet Beezy cat…. Sometimes I think of her and my heart just aches. Although we think of them often, it’s fitting to give them a special day of remembrance.
    Pix, your Z cat was so adorable! Precious.
    Hope you don’t lose your electricity; I thought of you last night when we watched the weather. Hoping for spring SOON!


  2. Z Cat was beautiful. What a lovely post and remembrance. Oh, these guys will break our hearts, every time but I can’t think of a better way to live, having them around, teaching us the importance of love and living for the moment. My condolences for your loss.


  3. Hi Pix! How are you liking this snow?? Don’t answer, I’m betting you like it about as much as I do!! I love this shot of your beloved Z Cat. So cute. I was just telling another blogger how much I still missed Coco, my much loved Tortie. And that Hub and I were just talking yesterday about how we missed our dog, Baron. They were family and will always be remembered and missed. I treasure the time we had with them as they brought so much love and joy into our lives. Stay warm and safe!


    1. We are staying warm, so far. Hope all is good your way! Just keep Coco and Baron tucked close to your heart as I know you do. Fingers crossed our power stays on. Hope your Hubby isn’t worn out. Hopefully it will wind down soon, but I have a feeling his work will just be starting when the wind comes up. Take care!


  4. Hi Pix, what a lovely post to Z cat and all the other pets and the humans they own. I’ve lost two cats since being married to Chris (25 years this year) (-: and both of them were special in different ways. And now our Poppy cat is sharing our lives. I need to take some photos of her and do a Poppy post soon I think. Somerset hugs wending their way across the pond to you and CH (((hugs))). xx


  5. This post is just purr~fect, Pix. Your words resonated from first to last ~ reminding me of pets we’ve loved and laughed with through the years. Your Z cat looks much like Tigger, who’ll be nine this year, if he makes it to his birthday. He still chases after his treats, goes for walks with BFF, and seems content. So, paws crossed, he will.


  6. What a lovely post, Pix! And what a gorgeous cat! They truly are our salvation, aren’t they? I don’t know what I’d do without mine, and like you, I think of my boys every day, all the time. What a blessing that we had them at all. How to people get by who don’t have pets? I am so glad Isobel started this lovely day. I’ll put a link onto my blog for your lovely post.


  7. A beautiful way to toast your Z cat and the wonderful pets in your or that passed through your life. I agree, Pets and animals are precious loving teachers of life, heart and home. (((Sending warm hugs your way)))


  8. had the flu for a number of days and didn’t get around to visiting – and missed this lovely tribute. what a sweetie your Z Cat was. they do leave gaps behind, don’t they? and there’s no point comparing one with another since they are all so unique. but what you say about them teaching all about kindness is so true. they bring out our gentle side,
    thanks for sharing. Timmy sends his love.


  9. Dear Pix I don’t know HOW I ever could have missed this beautiful remembrance day post of yours…….but I’m glad I found it. Your ZCat was a real beauty……I agree with all the lovely things you said about how our pets teach us so very much and they seem to magically come into our lives at JUST THE RIGHT TIME……So many of my cats have been through the worst and best moments of my life. Forgive me for missing this the first time around…………I was right there with you, Dianna, Isobel and Lorely celebrating the loves of our lives as I will be every Remembrance Day to come.

    Love and Hugs, Pam


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