Wordless Wednesday. Iris and Flo.


Aren’t they just too cute? I found them at dou dou. I fall in love with all her darling teeny sculptures. I enjoy her blog too.. 🙂
They flit all around the house. I never know where I am going to find their cute colorful selves.
Oh yeah. Wordless. Right.

43 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday. Iris and Flo.

  1. I knew it wouldn’t last, LOL! I adore doo doo’s creations. Those are adorable. I got a set back when and blogged about them too. Of course, I had to name them like you. Great choice of names Pix. I knew they were doo doo’s the second I laid eyes on them. Margie


  2. How adorable! Love them…….they are very “smile-worthy” ! Oh – and I believe “Wordless Wednesday” is a swell goal but sometimes – well – it’s downright impossible!



  3. I am the one who was wordless for a while there after seeing those cutie pies. Or should I say my vocabulary somehow shrunk to just ‘wheee, hee, hee, hee! I love it, I love it!’. 🙂 Those are so cute, Ms Pix, and I just checked dou dou and her art is the cutest! Thanks for linking to her blog. 🙂


  4. are they ever adorable, Pix! i am sure Timmy would say so too, although i cannot vouch for the honourability of his intentions 🙂
    but seriously, these little ones make me smile. thanks for sharing. wordless?? what’s the point, i say, LOL! thanks for sharing.


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