Tuesday Muse

DSC_0015 - Copy copy
Textures from Nancy Claeys and Kim Klassen done in Photoshop Elements 9.

Tweaked in Pixlr.

54 thoughts on “Tuesday Muse

  1. Love the “oil painting” texture of the header AND the more “vintage linen” look of the flower photo……I keep forgetting I can do some of this with my camera’s editing software. Thanks for reminding me – wish I had a bench/garden that looked like that by the way! 😀



  2. Happy Tuesday Pix, that little poem is spot on…Lovely textured photo too…we are fogged in today here in Maine, the good news, the snow is melting!


    1. We had a little fog this morning. Our snow is finally gone and I am glad yours is melting! Give those little Spring flower faces a chance to pop up.. 🙂 I have garden plaque with that quote! I have had it for years! Enjoy your Tuesday at Dog Trot!!


  3. Love it – your Spiderwort pic is awesome! (I only know what that is because Osage Bluff Quilter Patti gave me one ;)). I’ve always adored this poem, and my sis loved it so much that she named her farm “Little Flower Farm.” You really rock these textures, ya know! Hope you and CH enjoy this Springlike week, Pix!


    1. I think I remember that about your sister’s Farm! It is going to be a lovely Missouri week Tammy, we all need to soak it up!! Enjoy there at Flat Creek! Spiderwort!! I swear we couldn’t think of it yesterday.. 🙂


    1. Hi Jen! I would be happy to tell you how to get the textures. I can email you if you like. I think I still have your email. Nancy that hosts this meme, you can sign up for her newsletter and she sends you free beautiful textures and then there are textures to be found all over the web.


        1. You have a deal. I don’t know how to friend you. Or who friends who or follows who. Or how private or public or follow me follow you or what timeline or…. I need help. I am befuddled. I have also had a day. I will try to friend you or you friend me.. 🙂 You will catch on to textures in no time. I will be trying to figure out FB this same time next year. I Tweet Dianna. Why don’t you Tweet? It is so much easier and I get Twitter.. 😀


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