Wordless Wednesday. Over.


No other option for the roll. Anything else is just wrong.

58 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday. Over.

  1. Oh, I agree. I have to change it back to the ‘right’ way if I see it put on wrong. Batten down the hatches, Pix! Sounds like a lot of Missouri might be in for a rough ride with this winter storm coming!!


  2. Funny……..I was an “under” girl (the way it always was in my house growing up) until I met David who is an “over” guy so I decided I’d rather switch than fight……HAHAHA Speaking of TP though – don’t you just love how hotels always do fancy stuff with that top sheet? Almost like little origami projects! 😀 😀



  3. Yes, this is correct. Before I saw the photo, only the words in my email, I had visions of freshly baked bread with something wonderful spread over it. And what do I get? TP! Have a great day, Pix!


  4. ‘Fraid I’m an under kind of gal. T’was the way I was brung up. Mind you, you have to take into account that I am a foreign beastie from across the pond! (-;


  5. I am in complete agreement with you. Hanging the paper so that it rolls backwards is just wrong. However, my dog likes to eat any TP that’s within reach, so TP rolls don’t hang at my place. They are stored in a nearby basket, up high where she can’t see them.


  6. came back to say THANK YOU for the support on my post today! really means a lot! some of those points were tough for me to write and hit publish, but i think it needed to be said.

    btw, i thought i had your emal address saved in my contacts, but couldn’t find it. since wordpress comments don’t come across with it, i came back here to respond. 🙂


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