Bruschetta and Them Boots.

DSC_1192 - Copy (2)
I set up a nice little wine time with bruschetta and gave the whole happy afternoon event the color orange so I could do a color coordinated post about them boots waaaay back when Big Brown came bouncing down the road with them. Bruschetta fixings came from St. Louis, MO and my favorite food store Dierbergs. CH is so wanting to get busy with that bruschetta but I won’t let him touch nothin’ till I get a shot of them boots! See that smile.

DSC_1182 - Copy (2)
The longer it takes me to get them boots and the bruschetta and the wine glasses just right CH starts to see this may take longer than he thought but dang he should know by now.

DSC_1188 - Copy (3)
He begins to see the whole thing may be going to hell in a handbasket. Patience is short.

DSC_1189 - Copy
Patience is shot.

DSC_1193 - Copy (2)
Patience is GONE. Went to the kitchen and made his own bruschetta. But look at them boots and that lovely wine and colorful plate!

Now that’s a picture!

59 thoughts on “Bruschetta and Them Boots.

  1. I chuckled all the way through this post! I was thinking he should have helped himself to a peanut butter sandwich before the photo session took place. 🙂 The boots, wine and plate make for an excellent vignette.


    1. I’m doing a happy dance with them boots because tomorrow and for a couple of days it is going to be cold enough to put them boots on! Missouri is all screwed up weatherwise and has thought it was Spring and been to warm for them boots! Hugs to you! And I am going to get my PROcrastinating butt in gear and shoot you a picture of the Z Cat for you to cartoon.. 😀


      1. Well if it get’s too hot there, it’s always cold here..LOL I have my bunnies on, must take another picture for the blog 🙂 Huggies xxxxx


  2. HA! You’re a wicked woman…..CH (and any guy) has only SOOOOOOOO much patience when yummy stuff is being held for ransom like that. However you did get some fab shots of “dem boots”……!



  3. Men overall have no patience. His facial expressions were priceless!! LMAO!!! That means more bruchetta for YOU!! Those boots are a hoot!!


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