Smokey Was Smokin’ Hot!

Valentine’s Day was an experience of a lifetime for me. Smokey Robinson live at the Schermerhorn Symphony in Nashville last night! What a legend. I will get back to blog commenting and visiting when we get home!

38 thoughts on “Smokey Was Smokin’ Hot!

    1. I don’t think they do music like that anymore! No way! It was an awesome concert! Smokey was at the same hotel we were and as we were checking in he was heading out the door to go to the Schermerhorn. I stopped dead. It never crossed my mind he would be at the same hotel, but it was convenient. Right across from the Symphony!


        1. Dianna he breezed by, CH said “That’s Smokey!” the bellhop was rolling our cart, I was carrying my camera bag that I wouldn’t let the bellhop touch, my coat and a bottle of water and he was out the door and hopping in a black Continental. I did see and take a picture of Demitrius Pappas his music director and CH sat and talked to him (Demitrius not Smokey) a bit before we had dinner at the hotel. I am such a shy, afraid to bother/infringe on someone’s privacy person that I would have never snapped a picture of him or bugged him. I screamed enough at him at the concert though.. πŸ˜€ We were in the third row and I could have counted the diamonds in his wedding band!


    1. Not lots of details Pam. We just had a wonderful time! No backstage visit, I wish. We did see him at the hotel. He stayed at the same hotel we did πŸ™‚ No pictures at the concert, the Symphony didn’t allow any cameras or video equipment and cells had to be turned off. CH and I got in trouble for taking a picture of us on my iPhone. I felt terrible for being naughty. We did cheat and get three pictures of Smokey on stage but the lighting is so bad. I got em though!!!


    1. Lauren it was really a quick trip. I thought about telling you and trying to meet up, even a quick hello at your work but we kept movin’!. We had to get back for a furniture delivery. We are going to go back and spend a more leisurely time and hope we will get to see you then! We wanted to look at Berry Farms! So little time!


    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award.. πŸ™‚ I haven’t been doing awards because I get so befuddled over accepting them and I am such a naughty procrastinator at passing them on. But how nice of you to think of me. Thank you!


    1. It was fantabulous! A memory for a lifetime. But man it is great to be back on the Tiny Ten. Nashville is crazy makin’! But Smokey’s performance was sweet! I am starting to realize as I get older that traveling is not one of my favorite things. Hotels no matter how nice they are, are a pain in the butt. I think it is time to adopt a cat or two and stay home!


        1. For the last two years my stomach hasn’t enjoyed traveling, not in a motion sickness way but in a nervous anxious kind of way. I haven’t ever been a good traveler but after Z Cat died in 2009 I wanted to go anywhere but be here at home without her. I just don’t enjoy the anxiety of travel anymore or the craziness of other people at hotels. We had to do way too much moving and traveling when CH was in the Army.I love a daytrip but I want to be home for the night. I understand about being home with your dogs and horses. I really understand about the horses. I’d love to look out to our back field and see some cute horse ears or horse butt.. πŸ™‚ There Tex I was all wordy for you. I know you missed it on Wordless Wednesday.. πŸ™‚


  1. Ms. Pix, I had clicked on here when the husband stood behind me and said, Is that where we saw the Smokey video? (I don’t know, maybe watching the video over and over bore your site background on his mind, hehe.) And so we had to go back to that post and on to that link and he actually watched the entire episode this time. What a GREAT time you must have had. πŸ™‚


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