Wordless Wednes…… Them Boots.

DSC_1130 - Copy You may, I say MAY have heard me mention I bought some boots… Shhh.

DSC_1162 - Copy I feel like Bigfoot Sasquatch walkin’ around in them. Especially around the house. Them boots feel so good on my feets I don’t want to take them off.

I think I need some more… 😀 Shhhhhhhhhhh. It’s Wordless Wednesday.

Pictures by CH. That oh so attractive white sewer looking pipe is not a sewer pipe. It is a very fancy attractive protect the birdbath heater cord from the squirrels pipe.

80 thoughts on “Wordless Wednes…… Them Boots.

  1. Oh I think those boots are totally cool! Love the color and no doubt they keep the old tootsies toasty while you’re cruising around in the great, cold out of doors….More? Definitely you need to get more!

    Hugs, Pam (with Sam on my lap)


    1. Okayz.. 😀 I like em lotz! Your Mollie and Alfie’z speak is working its way into my typing vocabularly.. 😯
      I am looking for a couple of pictures of Z Cat. I want you to cartoon her. You know like Sammy. I can wait until you are not so busy.


  2. beeee—uuuuuu—teeeeee—fulllll! the boots are nice, too! <:-D What other colors take your fancy? Those are just fantastic, girl!

    by the by, I just saw the loveliest, richest magenta in dark brown hairs! just sayin'….


      1. no no no–magenta for YOU! to go with your snazzy boots–all of ’em! >:-D get orderin’–you’ll need ’em for winter that isn’t nearly over! and to stomp around in the sunroom, of course.


        1. The hair I saw was very dark brown like yours and the magenta was stunning–almost understated, if magenta can ever be so! <:-D

          You could always try just a little color–it'll grow out if you don't like it. If your stylist understands that you just wanna seeeeeee, then she/he will place the color so it can be razored out or…. you know what I mean….

          I just heard of a temporary color (washes out immediately)—the salon lady called it chalk. ???


  3. Very fetching Pix! They look sooooooo com-fort-able! I want to sit in that room and bird all day. In fact, I want to wander around your property and bird all day!!!! (-: Shame I’m not up for travel at the moment! Maybe one day……….


    1. Yes two would be good. The Slimpack riding boot in Tusk would be good.. 🙂 The boots I have on will last longer than me. And Winter doesn’t know it is still winter and it was over 60 degrees today so I might not get much mileage out of them this year.


  4. Very nice! Looks like they will keep those tootsies warm in the winter! I love that view from your sun room Pix! Isn’t this weather for February nice! I’m headed out the door in a few. Have a fantastic day!


  5. Lookin’ good, Pix! I remember getting new shoes as a kid and HAVING to wear them home. My daughter slept in her new red tennies when she was five. We gals love our footwear!


    1. Aww your daughter and her red tennies! And yes footwear makes feet happy.. 🙂 My Aunt Margie always took me to buy new shoes before school started. I have great memories of that.They were always Bass Weejun Penny Loafers from about 7th grade thru high school and before that white bucks with the red sole! Then she would take me to the Five and Ten and we would sit at the counter and have a hotdog and a Coke and then a scoop of chocolate ice cream with marshmallow goo on top in a frosted metal dish. Goodness Patti you sent me down memory lane! Thank you.. 🙂


        1. She was a redheaded ditz! We loved her. And she made the best chocolate chip cookies and vegetable beef soup I have ever had.. 🙂 She would have loved my boots! She always wore red Converse or Keds tennies. Good Morning Patti!


    1. Ya think? I feel like Big Foot! Those boots are working real well in the 60 degree weather we been having. You won’t find me outside today. We have some big wind fit for Dorothy and Toto… 🙂 I am going to bake a cake, requested by CH!


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