It Is A Hallelujah Friday!

My wonderful husband, that would be CH and that would be the same CH and husband that leaves the milk jug in the fridge with a half a thimbleful of milk in it, well he has done a most wonderful thing. I have loved Mr. Smokey Robinson’s music all my life. He performed with Daryl Hall, yes of Hall and Oats in a relaxed kind of jam session at Daryl’s house and I have that saved to my computer(and iPhone and iPad)but CH has been recording all of the episodes of Live From Daryl’s House to catch the repeat without me knowing. It recorded last night and I went jumping up and down happy cause now I can see Mr. Smokey Robinson with Daryl and Tom “T-Bone” Wolk(T-Bone sadly died in 2010)on the big screen with the speakers thumpin’ some Smokey old time tunes! The entire episode is on You Tube but it takes about an hour to watch. If you like Smokey and Daryl Hall and have some extra time it is worth the watch.

It is pure magic!
Live From Daryl’s House~Smokey Robinson

And we have tickets to see Smokey live!!!

*You Tube came after me and told me I couldn’t have Smokey and Daryl’s video here so I thought I better respect their request. They put a big old red X here and removed it. Sorry. The link still takes you to the wonderful Smokey episode.

45 thoughts on “It Is A Hallelujah Friday!

  1. Wow! Well, I’m definitely famiiar with Smokey Robinson AND Daryl Oates, but I have to admit that “T-bone” is new to me. Gotta love our wonderful hubbies!
    Congrats on the tix to see Smokey in person- hope you have GREAT seats!


  2. Oh wonderful! When I was an emerging teen my bedroom was above the servery of my parents’ pub. I used to fall asleep to the sounds of Motown on the jukebox and Smokey Robinson was one of my favourites. Your post brought it all back. That liquid, subtle voice. Thanks.
    Enjoy the gig!


  3. CH is most definitely a KEEPER! Have adored Smokey Robinson for eons and Hall and Oates were another huge favorite. I wish to heck I could hear and see the video but alas………but I can only imagine how excited you must be to have tickets to see Smokey live. Fabulous!



  4. CH scored big points!!! In the seventies, when I was but a young lass, I saw Hall and Oats in concert many times, thanks to my boyfriend, now know as Mr. Dog Trot. I do believe Daryl Hall resides in Maine during the summer and is restoring a home on the coast of Kittery. Greetings to you Pix, Julie.


    1. I do believe you are right that Mr. Hall is restoring a home in your fine state of Maine.. πŸ™‚ I am happy that boyfriend became Mr. Dog Trot, he is a keeper! I think I am about 10 years ahead of you in age and I do remember Hall and Oats but I didn’t listen to them much BUT I have a great respect and interest in Mr. Hall’s music now. CH and I were sitting out on the 4 seasons porch yesterday having a glass of wine and he said to me, Pix now what was ‘our song’ ?He almost LOST big points but then he came right up with it… Carly Simon’s Loving You is the Right Thing to Do. So what was yours’ and Mr. Dog Trot’s? Enjoy your Saturday Julie! I always love seeing you here at Under the Oaks! How nice is it to see Jenny again? Now if we could get Eve back on board.. πŸ™‚ I feel like everyone has left blogging for Facebook and I can’t bring myself to mess with Facebook.


  5. Aw CH is such a sweetie. I’m glad you two have such a loving relationship. His recording the shows makes up for that milk incident. πŸ˜‰
    Now I’m off to listen to the music. πŸ™‚


  6. Yep, your fella is def a keeper there πŸ˜‰ I will check out your link – I was always partial to Hall & Oates AND Smokey!! And tickets to see Smokey live – you’ve got it made!


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